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The Jadelist: NOV 16

Hey hey lovely people!

I'm not sure if time's just travelling a little bit slower these days, or that I'm becoming even harder to please, but when I start to write up these posts, it feels like I like I heard the first few songs months ago.

By the point I come to writing it up, some of these songs are classics to me, and I'm ready to lip-sync my heart out!

Either way, time moving more slowly gives me the chance to appreciate more music. Win-win if you ask me!

Anyway, without further ado, here's the Jadelist for November!


Because I'm Me by The Avalanches

Instantly after hearing this, I just got funky, young Michael Jackson vibes.

This song samples Why Can't I Get It Too by Six Boys In Trouble, with the lyrics rearranged.

This song gets to me a bit too much and I just wanna do the twist.

Also, props to the remix for keeping the funky, soul atmosphere alive, while still managing to put a modern twist in.

Pro-tip, if you're wanting a laugh, have a watch of the music video.


33 "GOD" by Bon Iver

Now, I know 22, A Million has been out for a while now, but I thought that 22 (Over SN) would've been my most played.

I. Was. Wrong.

Don't get me wrong, I still adore 22, but if I had a pound for every time I played this song, I would be a very lucky girl!

And let's just talk about the bass when the beat drops. I died and resurrected after it.

Also, this song provides the only happiness when referring to folding clothes. Maybe it'll give me some motivation. Probably not...


Sea Hearts by Honeyblood

Honestly, I feel like this could be some girl power anthem from the mid-00's, like from a scene where the alternative girls fight back against the preps in a typical high school movie.

Maybe like a punkier The Go! Team.

Truth be told, I do feel a little badass listening to this, at home, wrapped in a blanket. Edgy.

Wanna feel like a cool chick? Give it a listen!


LFTM (feat. Felly) by Healy

Obligatory 'I found a cute song on Vine before it dies' song? Check.

Though, let's all just admit that this starts with the most beautiful piano sounds, that develop a jazzy bass to it.

Could someone help a sister out and let me know what this genre would be called? For years in my brain, I've been calling it underground jazz or nighttime jazz.

Props to the thought in the lyrics of this song too. I know I say it too much, but it's really refreshing to hear a rap style song that doesn't mention women, drugs and fast cars in every other verse. Nice one Healy and Felly.


On Hold by The xx

I mean c'mon.

It's The xx.

Now, I'm not gonna write this and act like I'm the worlds biggest The xx fan, but I did have a little outburst of excitement when I saw that they'd released a new song.

Gonna be honest, I do prefer their older work, but On Hold is still a lovely little song, and nice comeback for them.

Your Sunday lazy playlist has now just got a little bit funkier, thanks to this track.


Stop For Nothing by courtship.

Seriously, what's with this month's Jadelist and all the funky tunes?

Someone pass me the flares and peace symbol necklaces!

I mean, I should just come to accept that I'm a sucker for a funky bass.

Also, on a tangent, I find it really aesthetically pleasing that courtship. spell their name with a lower case 'c'.


Kick Jump Twist by Sylvan Esso

Now for my most played track of the month.

Apologies to everyone at the radio station who heard me play this way too many times in the office. Just indoctrinating everyone on the down low.

I mean, typically I wouldn't like this kind of a song. I don't know, maybe it's a bit too dance-ish, or a bit too techno.

Apparently this song was an exception to my brains blueprint, because I was OBSESSED.

Another fab song from Sylvan Esso.


Public Display of Affection by EAT FAST

I'll be honest, when I first heard this song, I wasn't the biggest fan.

But then, the guitar kicked in about 20 seconds in.

I was hooked.

Let's be honest, I'm such a straight edge kid, but this song does make me feel edgy and cool for around three minutes.

Yay, musical emotions.


Antonio Banderas by Forever Cult

Yeah, that's right. This song is called Antonio Banderas.

Yes, I am so young in that if you mention Antonio Banderas, my instant thought is him in Spy Kids.

I am 00's trash.

This song however, is not 00's trash. It's actually really good.

Though, shame on me for mishearing the lyric 'Cautiously you repress the memory, like caught in a dream' for 'Cautiously you replace the memory, like Cobb in a dream', thinking it was an Inception reference.

Inception references or not, this is still a fab little number.

P.s, the track cover is a work of art.


So Good by Warpaint

I must've been feeling a lot cooler than I actually am in November, because man, there are way too many edgy, seductive, jazzy style songs.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the vast majority of this song, but I swoon around three minutes in when the audio becomes more distorted and encapsulated.

It definitely gives it a real early 00's vibe.

Also, props to Warpaint for making a longer length that doesn't get boring. Now, I don't have to refresh as often. Not all heroes wear capes.

And that's it for this months Jadelist. What was your favourite song of the month of November? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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