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The Jadelist: OCT 16

Hey hey lovely people

Remember how I said that last months Jadelist was probably the hardest I've ever had to narrow down?

Yeah, take that back, this edition was narrowed from 28 to 10

I'm still a little heartbroken about having to take out a ton of fab songs, but a big factor that played in 'the cull' was the size of the artists following

The purpose of Jadelist is to introduce people to songs that they wouldn't normally hear on mainstream radio (Sorry about that Kanye)

Nevertheless, here are 10 lovely songs that you should be listening to!


Alaska by Maggie Rogers

When I say that this was my track of the month, I mean it to the extent that I would listen to it multiple times a day, and that was just the end of October.

Let's not even talk about how I would listen to this on repeat for hours when I first heard it!

I found this through Radio 6 (Clearly a surprise. I bet you're all shocked that I found a song through 6 Music. Is my sarcasm evident enough yet?), Shazam'ed it and was instantly hooked.

I was surprised to find out that this track was actually released back in June. It became a bit of an Internet sensation after Pharrell Williams basically forgot how to function as a human being after hearing it. Definitely recommend you check that out.

Then, the official music video was released in October, so that kinda makes me up to date and relevant with the cool kids, right?

Like Pharrell said, it really is wonderful to hear someone making music as themselves unapologetically. Keep doing what you're doing Maggie, because it's perfect!


Actorion by Palenco

Ah, now for one of my shames as a person. I am Welsh (Although apparently not! That's a long story for another time) and have lived in Wales all my life. Heck, I even got an A in GCSE Welsh, but I can't speak conversational Welsh for the life of me!

So when I find Welsh music that sounds great, I'm basically sat contently, appreciating the music and catching the odd word for my brain to translate. The struggles of being Jade.

Nevertheless, I don't think you need to be able to speak a language to appreciate a fab song, and this is a perfect example.

I first heard Palenco on 6 Music late one night when their song Cloudy Leftovers was playing.

Let's face it, there are around 7 billion people on earth and approximately 3 million of them live in Wales, so when you hear a bit of Welsh being spoken, you pay attention.

So I had a patriotic jam at some unholy o'clock, then took to Spotify to find some more fab songs.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll actually be able to understand Welsh properly and appreciate all the lyrics, but until that day, I'm gonna rely on my friend Sammy to be my personal translator. Cheers!


Small Crimes by Nilufer Yanya 

First off, I absolutely love saying the name of this artist!

Now, I know the song has quite a somber tone to it, but I think that's what makes it so addictive.

Did I listen to it way too many times on repeat? I'll leave that up to you to decide!

Truthfully, I think I just have an addictive nature to songs that are shorter than three minutes, always yearning for just a little bit more.

I also like how the guitar in the bridge shouldn't fit in with the melancholy of the song, yet it works so well!

What I really love though is how this song is completely unique to anything else heard; it has its own sound and identity, which is refreshing to heat these days.

After doing some more research, a.k.a spending way too many hours on Spotify, I think you should keep an eye out for Nilufer on Jadelist in the future. Definitely one to watch. 


Reignite by Knox Brown and Gallant

As you can tell by the cover art, there's finally a song that I didn't find through 6 Music or Spotify. Just gonna pat myself on the back!

No, I actually heard this when I made my annual trip to the cinema, this time to watch Bridget Jones' Baby.

Now I, like most of the population who've watched any Bridget Jones movie, ship Bridget and Mark because goals, obviously.

So when this song played during, lets call it their 'reunion', I had to pause the shipping, whack out my phone and Shazam this song.

Luckily I was in the back row, so nobody behind me could judge the beacon of light I just emitted into the room, but I had this song for keeps.

Mark my words, Gallant will be a big artist in 2017. He's starting to pop up everywhere lately and his voice is just incredible.

Now, excuse me while I listen to this on repeat before ultimately continuing with this post. 


Never Going Home by Hazel English

Now, I don't particularly know what I would call this genre. It's like some hybrid between indie and folk, with an electronic tone.

Whatever it is, it's absolutely what I live for.

I heard this on 6 Music Recommends and Shazamed it probably less than 10 seconds into the song.

I was hooked.

Not to get all picturesque and imagery on this, but I just imagine summer times in fields far away and quiet road trips when I hear this song. Maybe I'm just projecting my goals onto this song, who knows!

Either way, this song is totally tappable. My thumbs may or may not be furiously tapping to the beat right now.


Strung Out by Ruby Empress

Fun fact: my phone likes to delete some of my music randomly after a few plays. Despite that, this song has continued to stay on there. Surely that's a sign.

Can I call this indie funk? I feel like I wanna do some serious head nodding, maybe pull some awful dad dancing moves and tap my foot on the floor, but in a cool kid kind of way.

Or I might be doing all of that right now...

I first heard this when doing my many YouTube music channel rounds.

Need a song that feels funky, almost in a late 00's way? Give this a hit!


R.E.D by A Tribe Called Red

This was the song that I was surprised to like.

I first heard this a few weeks back when Mary Anne Hobbs played it on her show, and it took me surprise.

I mean, normally you wouldn't here something so edgy with a heavy beat like this, but I became addicted to it.

I mean, it immediately gave me Mercy vibes, what with the multiple voices and tribal vibes, which was great to have something like that again.

I didn't anticipate liking this song so much.

Give it a quick listen, I bet you'll be hooked!


Holy Soul by Salt Cathedral 


That's the best word I can use to describe this song.

The vocals just sound so pure, but teamed with the delicate and high pitched instruments, they create something magical.

And then, at around a minute, the beat kicks in, and I suddenly get a sense of wanderlust; sunsets in far away places.

I don't know, but this song just makes me feel so adventurous, but it also brings me a longing for summer again, which isn't the best when it's currently November.

Brb, just gonna sit here and listen to Holy Soul while counting down the days until summer. 


Atone by SLO & Bearcubs

Acapella and harmonies be dazzled.

If you want an upbeat song that will make you feel calm, then you've stumbled into the right place.

Again, can somebody tell me what genre this fits into? Because I need more music like this in my life.

Maybe that's why I appreciate it so much, because it is what it is and not an imitation of every other song you hear.

P.s, the name Bearcubs is just the cutest


Should Know Better by Habitats

Ah, now for a Jadelist must-have: a song from an advert.

See, I can't let you down!

This song is used in the most recent Ugg advert and it's simply adorable.

Though, can I just say, this is such a summery and happy song, so why is it used to advertise Uggs in the sunshine?!

Nevertheless, I may have furiously clicked through a load of YouTube videos to try and get the ad up to Shazam it.

After 10 minutes, logic finally kicked in and I searched directly for the ad instead. My bad.

Nevertheless, this is such a cute song with that seaside Brit feel to it. My absolute weakness!

And that's it for this months Jadelist. What songs were you loving in October? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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