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The Jadelist: SEP 16

Hey hey lovely people!

September dragged for me.

Not in itself, no. Time wise, it flew for me, but musically, I lived a struggle.

I think this must've been the hardest Jadelist to narrow down: 25 songs to 10!

I just found way too much good music this month, so a lot of songs got the chop.

Fear not though, because this means that only the best songs made it into the list, so without further ado, here's the Jadelist for the month of September!


Last Of Your Kind by Ed Harcourt

Let's kick things off with this track by Ed Harcourt.

I mean, it's practically a given now that I first heard this track on Radio 6, like let's be honest!

And thank God that I was lucky enough to hear this lovely track.

It has that aura of lovely, sentimental rock. Quite a weird combination, yet still so sincere.

I also feel like I get a sense of exploration when I listen to this track too. Maybe I'm just clutching at excuses to me wanting to travel Northern Europe. My bad!

Look past the heavy instruments and you'll see that this rock song has a lot more of a lovely character than you'd think!


On The Frame by Beta Radio

I mean, is it really a Jadelist if I don't include some form of a country song?! 

C'mon, let me justify my country love!

I just so happened to hear this song while I was going through Spotify generated playlists towards the beginning of the month.

It only took five seconds for me to fall in love with it. I knew from that moment that this song was firmly staying put in this months Jadelist. 

This track has such a lovely pattern to it, which is beautifully complimented by bass in the background. Y'know I'm all about that bass...

Plus, I think this song is perfectly fitting for the end of summer/start of autumn that we're now experiencing, "y'know, you have to let go" of Summer, or at least for me!


Lying Has To Stop by Soft Hair

Confession time. I'm obsessed with this track, and I think it's because of how weird it is. 

It's almost like a surreal love.

I mean first, let's talk about the name. The duo are called Soft Hair, and that's no understatement in the slightest! 

I mean, just take a look at the video!

Now, when I first heard this song, I immediately took it in some kind of comedy vibe, and who could blame me? The opening instrument remind me of one of those wavy board things you'd have as a kid.

But then, it was almost like I came under the spell of the song, and I really can't stop listening!

Every time it comes on when I'm listening to Radio 6, I break out in to song! 

Now, don't deceive me! I know you love this song too! Lying has to stop! 


Cool 2 by Hoops

This song makes me so happy, yet so sad!

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's an incredible song, but it's so short! The amount of times I've pressed the replay button on this is too embarrassing to admit!

One minute and fifty five seconds is definitely not enough for me. I'm musically greedy! 

But I suppose that's what makes it so special and leaves you coming back for more! You can never say the song was overkilled and lasted too long!

It gives me a short dose of that summer-type rock that's getting me through this cold weather. Bless this track! Counting down the days until summer already!


Twice by Catfish and the Bottlemen 

Now, to say I'm late to the party is an understatement.

Don't get me wrong, I completely recognise the name Catfish and the Bottlemen, but I've never listened to them before, at least never knowingly and through my own choice.

What an idiot I have been!

It's funny, because they almost give me a sense of that early 00's style of pop punk, but as if it's grown up over the years, and this is what it's like now.

In all honesty, I'm still amazed how with some songs, you can completely dismiss the lyrics and genre and still see it as an upbeat song, like an oxymoron in itself, and this is completely one for me. 

I'm guessing I'm the last person to listen to them, but if there is actually one more person out there who hasn't here's your chance! Enjoy!


The Spoils by Massive Attack

Now, for a more calming song.

It's really nice to get some more tracks that have that 'Bristol' style, like Massive Attack and Portishead. 

I mean the first thing that popped into my head when I heard this was it felt like a more serious/less sexy version of Glory Box by Portishead.

Which is completely understandable from the links between the groups.

Either way, I am 110% up for a complete revival of this style of music! Let's get on it!


Terribly So by Howe Gelb

I almost think this is an unwritten rule of life; hear a Howe Gelb song, must include it in a playlist.

Again, I'm late to the Howe scene, first hearing about him through The Common Linnets. Since I heard his work with Giant Sand, I became hooked on his jazzy Americana/country style. 

Really, I think it's just any time I hear a bass, I go weak at the knees and can't stop tapping my foot. 

His voice just fits perfectly with a bass rhythm, it's magical.

For me, this is easy listening at it's finest. 

What I really want to know though is who is the female additional vocal? For what it's worth, she reminds me of Colbie Caillat, which if it isn't, would be a great set up for a future song.

Can I send requests please?!


And The Bubble Burst by High Tide 15:47

It's funny because I get so confused every time I see this band name. Can't really blame me for getting High Tyde and High Tide 15:47 mixed up!

I mean, they both have a similar style of indie/pop-rock, so no judgement today please!

Though, where High Tyde are more 1975-esque, I feel that High Tide 15:47 have more of a Vampire Weekend style to them, yet still in a style of their own. 

Again, I can see this as such a summery song.

I mean, let's just admit it now, I probably on some subconscious level keep picking these songs so I can repress the fact that winter is coming. 

But as long as I listen to this lovely summery song, I won't notice and it'll still be warm and sunny outside, right?


She Said by Sundara Karma

C'mon, it's Sundara Karma, I had to!

This is probably the second time I've ever been really happy and learnt something useful from a YouTube Ad!

Bless the YouTube algorithms or Cookies for playing this song for me. Very much appreciated!

Let's be honest, it will never be able to compete with Flame for me, because that's firmly in my place as one of my favourite songs of all time, but it well and truly deserves a place in this months Jadelist! 

It has a differing style to Flame, in that it's more upbeat and pop-rocky-indie, but trust me when I say it's a serious foot tapper and earworm.

Like apologies in advance for getting this stuck in your head. 

Accept your fate, give it a listen now!


Ivy (Throwing Snow Remix) by Tusks

I was lucky enough to first hear this song in a magical way.

Last Wednesday, Lauren Laverne had the illustrator, Chris Riddell on her show, who did one of the most creative things I've seen a while.

For an hour throughout the show, he was periscoping him illustrating each track as he heard it. Then, he went on to sketch the headphones moment track, Ivy by Tusks (which you can see here at 44:15 minutes in)

Not only did I instantly find the song beautiful, but the illustration to match it was equally so. 

Honestly, I think it was a great experience to see music visually expressed, and I'd love to see it again.

So, go on, have you headphones moment now and give it a listen!

And that's it for this edition Jadelist! What was your favourite song of the past month? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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