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The Jadelist: AUG 16

Hey hey lovely people!

Now, not to be biased, but I always look forward to writing an August Jadelist.

Okay, this might only be my second August Jadelist, but cut me some slack, it is after all my birthday month.

Not only that, but August is truly summer for me and just overall my favourite time of year, so it's nice to take a peek at what songs corresponded with my happiness.

And boy, did I have a great music month!

So let's not hold it off any longer, here's this months Jadelist:


Dreams by Beck

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer, I did not steal this song from the new Sky advert

Nope, because I'm one trendy gal, I actually first heard it on Radio 6, while in bed, probably eating some kind of snack. Like I said, I'm trendy.

It's pretty funny, because I never really gave Beck a chance. Last I remembered was Kanye almost interrupting him at the 2015 Grammy's.

Then, ignorant old me realised he was the guy who sang Loser, so just backing up into my corner of shame. Bye everyone!

But back to Dreams. Definitely not like loser.

It has more of a pop vibe to it with a catchy rhythm. Pre-warning, you will be neck popping to this song.

The bridge takes on much more of an acoustic, ethereal style, then springs back into a pop rock chorus.

So if you don't have a TV and haven't heard this yet, here's your chance. 


Youth by Glass Animals

My ultimate predicament of this month was not putting the whole album in.

Now, I've probably stated this before, but I'm not an artist person, but a song person.

Take a look at my playlists and you'll find that the vast majority of artists in there only have one song.

Rare is it that I find artists where I like all of their songs, so this is a BIG DEAL. So much so that I actually bought my first CD that was current since Lana Del Rey's Born To Die.

So little old Jade strolled into Cheltenham town for the first time, trying to find a HMV to buy How To Be A Human Being on release day.

The whole album was played 3 or 4 times then on my way back to Wales. No regrets.

But back to the song. I chose Youth because it's my favourite from the album, and luckily enough, was released as a single a few weeks back.

I would try and describe their style, but it's just ever changing, from electro to pop, indie, rock and acoustic.

I'm pretty confident that if you listen to this, you'll be hooked. 


The Day I Lost My Voice by Sweet Baboo

Now, cutting down this months Jadelist was no fun at all, trying to narrow 15 fab songs down to 10, but I couldn't cut this lovely one out.

The Day I Lost My Voice has a sweet, country/folk style, but not in the typical Southern country style that a lot of people don't seem to get along with.

This might be down to a more British take on country, or should I say Welsh. That's right, Sweet Baboo, or Stephen Black, is actually from Wales. Big up big up!

Which is pretty funny really, because this song just gives me feelings of being in Cornwall in the summer. Too much imagery? My bad!

The style of this song seems so similar to something I love, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Regardless, I'm hooked on it.

I promise that this track will put a smile on your face, so give it a listen.


Pipe Down by Recreations

Does anyone feel instantly more late 90's listening to this? Like even after just five seconds of this playing?

For me, I think it's because I can't help but notice Sunchyme or some other late 90's/early 00's song from this. Can anyone help me out?

Regardless, this song instantly blew me over with a ton of nostalgia.

But don't get too attached to that beat, because the chorus infuses into the song with some rock, and somehow, it works really well.

It feels like a modern twist on something that makes it even greater, like meshing two styles together and creating something that just sounds adventurous in all the right ways.

Also, shout out to the album art. Pretty sweet!


Fiction by Kygo & Tom Odell

I mean c'mon, it's Kygo. Let me have my one DJ that I actually like the sound of.

Plus, Tom Odell too. Putting Kygo and folk artists together. Is this real life?!

Its a much gentler style of electro/dance music, y'know, a less aggressive bass and casual zapping sounds. Yeah, not the biggest dance fan here, but Kygo solves that for me.

It really is incredible to get folk rock and dance to collaborate so well together, so props to Kygo and Tom for this.

Give it a listen while there's still some summer sun left. 


22 (Over SN) by Bon Iver

Okay, please don't be put off by the edgy Tumblr style title. 

I mean, sure, it might even sound at first like the song is trying 'too hard' to be different, or at least create a too modern style, but give it a few more seconds for the vocals to kick in.

Because as soon as those vocals begin, you will be captured by this musical spell.

Hauntingly beautiful is the best way to describe it.

Then, when the lazy guitar kicks in, it becomes even more so sweet. Such a lazy Sunday morning song.

I mean, there are no words to give this song justice, because it is an experience; an amalgamation of different sounds, coming together in peace.

And yes, it is better than Skinny Love. Trust me, this is magical.


Doria by Olafur Arnalds

Rare is it to find a piece of music where the first descriptive word would be beautiful.

I mean, I know I need to calm down with the visuals, but this song just gives me images of vast libraries, or places with so much exploration, but also peace and tranquillity. Also, a bit of nostalgia too.

Plus, the name Olafur Arnalds should be familiar to you from last months Jadelist. Remember I mentioned his Island songs project?

Well, Doria is the last song to feature on Island Songs.

What I love is that this song is much more than music, in that I feel like it captures emotion and atmosphere too. I could easily believe this was from a movie soundtrack if you had told me.

If last months post wasn't enough of a message to have a listen, then here's hoping this month is.


Once Around The Block by Badly Drawn Boy

I really am a sucker for that lazy indie rock style that was big around the 00's.

Once around the block has a city style feel to it, which I suppose would be accurate, given the name.

I really appreciate its laid back style, but even more so during the instrumental around 2 minutes in, when the guitar leads the song.

Are you someone that likes this style of music too? Because this song is actually 16 years old now. Time to feel old.

So feeling a nostalgia flashback? Have a listen.


Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In It's Spotlight) by Thin Lizzy

Speaking of flash backs, lets go even further into the past with this track, back to the 70's.

It's funny, because a lot of people these days who listen to older music say they were brought up on this, or their parents played it, so it just stuck with them.

I was brought up on chart music, Madonna and Manic Street Preachers, so this is all new to me, and I'm glad it is.

I mean, now that I'm older, I think I have a chance to appreciate this music instead of being forced and bored by it (Not saying I hate Madonna or the Manics, forever a fan).

Which is weird really, finding songs like this new when they're nearly double my age!

I doubt there are many people out there who haven't listened to this yet, but if you wanna a few minutes to boogie on down, be my guest.


Supersoaker by Kings of Leon

I was on my way home, listening to the radio, when someone phoned up and requested a song to play for a water fight, and the producer chose a song called Supersoaker.

I'll be honest, I didn't have much faith before I heard it. I mean, I'm the queen of cheesy puns, but wasn't expecting much from this.

Then it started playing and I was just sat in a pool of misjudgement, falling in love with this song.

I really don't give Kings Of Leon enough credit for how much I love them, and it's taken me this long until hearing this song to realise this.

I think it's really easy to get caught up in Sex On Fire and Use Somebody as their only style. Don't get me wrong, those songs are great, but I love their songs like Radioactive and now, Supersoaker.

I know I say it way too many times, but I live for that summery style of indie/rock, and this perfectly fits the bill, Supersoaker and all.

So that's it for this months Jadelist, and the last Jadelist of the summer.

Be prepared for around two months of posts relishing in the Autumn season, and then every other post being filled of summer songs, wishing it was August again. Go figure!

So, what songs were you loving in the month of August? Let me know in the comments below, because I always love hearing some new tracks.

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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