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The Jadelist: JUN 16

Hey hey lovely people

First off, this months Jadelist has been a nightmare, but not in a bad way, don't get it twisted!

I had to cut so many songs from this months list because I found way too much good music. Trimming it to 10 was the real life struggle.

Unfortunately, so many good songs had to go, but think of this as a list of ten fab tracks now, silver lining people!

So without further ado, here's the Jadelist for June:


Long For You by Mar

So lets start on a track that doesn't necessarily sound up beat and summery for once. Progress, right?

This track starts on a lamentable style, almost solidifying this atmosphere until we get to the chorus where it takes on more of a techno/autotune style, with the bass making the song a bit more gentle. 

The vocals almost have that drifting in and out, dream like style to them, which is helped by them being a bit more high pitched too. 

Not to mention that the guitar riff is so encapsulating. 

It's funny because a lot of the features of this song remind me of a scary game, or some kind of jumpscare, especially when the vocals travel from one ear to the other (headphones are key for this song!), like it should feel unsettling, but it still brings across calmness.


Look at me (When I Rock Wichoo) by Black Kids

I believe I first heard this song on my radio show I do on Thursdays on Newport City Radio, The Culture Bunker (shameless plug, I know), so shout out to Adam for this.

I like how this song has a softer rock to it that mixes well with techno elements, like a pop-punk-rock style. 

Plus, the female vocals in the bridge give it a pumped up, cheer style too, kinda like Huddle Formation by The Go! Team.

Just a little coincidence, Black Kids are on the radio right now as I'm writing this with I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance. 

Just gonna sit happy here feeling all kinds of 2009 with this track. 


All That I Need by Max Pope

I think I first heard this song after going on a Spotify search fest.

Now, I'm such a sucker for a jazz vibe, and the bass in this is just incredible

But when the bridge hits in and it mixes with the guitar, I completely lose it and jump into musical nirvana (not the band!)

But lets not forget about the vocals that compliment the waviness of the music so well. 

It's such a catchy, dreamy style 21st century swing style song that you can't help but tap your foot to


I Keep Ticking On by The Harmaleighs 

First off, can we just appreciate the band name? The band is made of duo Hayley Grant and Kaylee Jasperson. HayLEY and KayLEE. HarmaLEIGHS. 10 points to these girls!

Pretty certain I first heard this song on an acoustic YouTube channel, and I fell in love with it.

I hate that a lot of people just expect all country/folk style songs to be slow and boring, because this disproves that assumption. 

This song is fast paced, lively, yet still grounded and lovely. 

But let's be honest, I'm biased when it comes to folk. Give me guitar and I'm hooked. 

The bass in the last bridge is something else. My foot can't keep still. Just putting a warning in here for when you listen!


This Girl (Kungs Vs. Cookin' On 3 Burners) by Kungs 

Now, I thought this song was pretty popular by now. 

I found it not too long ago, but fangirled so much when I heard it on the radio, because all my favourite songs, especially instrumental heavy ones, never appear on the mainstream airwaves, so imagine my surprise when I heard this.

But every time I play this on radio, or in a car with someone, everyone is surprised and they immediately fall in love with it, asking what it's called. 

So much for mainstream, right?

But man, is it too much of me for calling this the summer song of 2016 already?

It has a fast paced summer beat, a tunnel style section, a heavy trumpet element. It looks like it's a winner!

Plus, you're never gonna forget a song that says Cookin' On 3 Burners now, are you? Talk about memorable. 


Pretty Lights by Marvin Divine 

Whoah, now time for my nerdy side. 

I found this song because it was the outro song for leafyishere on YouTube. Already braces ready for the judgement. I am YouTube trash, this is fact.

But let's be honest, everyone's a sucker for what I like to call 'cute rap', y'know, when a rap has a beautiful backing to it.

Now, not to discredit Marvin, because his rapping isn't half bad (though, this is coming from me, who's clearly an expert in rap....), but man, he does get overshadowed by the chorus vocals.

This song is that weird combination of sadness, and cute music, but not gonna lie, I was addicted to this for a few days this month.


17 (Feat. Packy) by Cyrus

Now for some more up tempo stuff.

This is one of those songs that you will lose it and just completely jam along to, but not tell a soul that you were dancing, or even listening.

Am I sat-down-dancing while writing this right now? Maybe...

I don't know, it just seems like that typical style of song that's made by a Vine star or something, but I'm shamefully in love with it, and I'm not even 17!


Upside Down (Feat. Daniel James) by Jeremy Zucker

Moment of appreciation for this song.

Better yet, moment of appreciation for Jeremy Zucker as a whole, for being the perfect voice to accompany a trip at the beach

I mean, the guy has an album called Beach Island. Go figure.

So, considering I am pretty much addicted to the beach, this style of music is pretty much it for me.

So yeah, just gonna sit here and wish I was at the beach.


Vitamin C by Clean Cut Kid

Well, this little gem was a product of me surfing through Spotify again.

Because I'm still not over Viola Beach, I thought it'd be a great idea to go through their related artists and hey presto, I found this.

Yep, this song was stuck in my head far too often in the month of June.

It has that indie-pop vibe that makes me very happy indeed.

Plus, who doesn't love a good beat to tap their foot to?


Different by The Academic

The Academic, lol. I am not a student anymore. Haha, ha, ha... I have been triggered...

But on a more serious point, this song has that upbeat indie punk feel, almost like WALK THE MOON but with different vocals, a more British edge maybe, or should I say Irish, considering the group are from Mullingar (Big up Mullingar, I went to your Dunnes and bought some french fancies).

Either way, the guitar rhythm at the start of each verse, before all the other instruments build up is pretty infectious.

I'd keep an eye on these guys, especially if they keep making more music like this.

So that's it for this months Jadelist. What was your favourite song during the month of June? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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