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The Jadelist: MAY 16

Hey hey lovely people!

As you could probably tell from the previous post, I'm bulk writing these posts in June after I finally caught my breath post-deadlines

In all honesty, it's been so nice and almost therapeutic to take a couple of hours out today just to listen to some great music and write about it, and I really to love doing this.

Just finding some new tracks to listen to and going on some kind of musical scavenger hunt has been great, but now it's time to share with you what I've found.

So without further ado, here's the May Jadelist:


What If I Go? by Mura Masa

Okay, so discovery-wise, it didn't take much effort to find this song!

One day when I was listening to Spotify, this add came on, and I've gotta say, I wasn't even mad.

What's great about this song is it starts very drum and vocal heavy, pretty cutesy if I might say, but then out of nowhere, the beat drops and completely changes, but here's the special part, it DIDN'T ruin the song

I mean half of the time, adding too much of a remix/techno sound completely ruins a song, but this compliments so much and man I am so happy

Also, after a quick Google, it turns out that Mura Masa is nearly a whole year younger than me and already making great tracks like this, so yeah, just gonna crawl into the corner right now...


Warm Water - Snakehips Remix by Banks

Nope, this isn't some ripped straight from the video song, that party atmosphere is meant to be there.

Usually, having vocals that sound hollow and somewhat tinny would be pretty awful, but this strangely works, almost in a relaxed way.

This was definitely one of my more laid back remix tracks this month.

Also, nice to see Snakehips popping up and around again, considering that they have the midas touch of music for me, in the same way as Kygo!


Sun by Jónsi

This was a funny one for me to put in

I don't think anyone could say that Jónsi creates awful music. His style is so unique, cute and still epic.

So naturally, one day I felt like going on a Jónsi hype and started spiralling into a sea of his tracks, on his own and with Sigur Rós, until I needed more songs, so started branching into the ones I hadn't yet heard.

Now, I'm such a summer freak, so of course the first one I clicked was Sun from the We Bought A Zoo soundtrack.

This track just captures seeing rays of sunlight into music form and ironically, gives me the chills.


Younger - Kygo Remix by Seinabo Sey, Kygo

So Jade, where did you hear this great club track by Kygo? Anywhere exciting? An event?

Well, no. Actually, I heard it in a Skechers shop...

Shout out to Skechers for having some great music in their shops!

But back to the song. The moment I heard it, I was hooked.

It has that great style that I love, which made me think, it has to be Kygo. Low and behold, after a cheeky Shazam in the shop, it was indeed my favourite DJ.

There's something about the music that Kygo creates that embodies this summery vibe whatever time of year you listen to, which is surprising considering he's from Norway, not the first country you think of as being summery

Not to mention that this song is such a good motivator, because you ain't getting any younger, are you?


Quesadilla by WALK THE MOON

That's right, I put a song in Jadelist that's called Quesadilla. I put a song in that's named after a food.

Does the word Quesadilla get mentioned in any of the song lyrics? No.

This song definitely has the typical WALK THE MOON vibe, but probably a bit more upbeat. Is it too much for me to say it has a very 2009 style, when Raybans were the thing and everyone wanted to be a scene kid?

Regardless, I think listening to this song will set you up to have a good day, I mean, nobody can be mad listening to this song. Music therapy people!


LA Calling by Crystal Fighters

Maybe this song is just goals for me?

It sounds summery from the get go, especially with the guitar riff. It's about going to LA, which is definitely a dream of mine, and it's just very upbeat like be.

I'm sorry, did they make this song for me?!

The summery style of songs are definitely strong in this post. Yes, I'm really that excited for summer.

Guitar riff? Check

Great location mentioned in lyrics? Check

Summery vibe? Check

This song passes the official Jade summer song check. Good game everyone


Ocean's Deep by Born Ruffians

Off topic, but as soon as I see Born Ruffians, the first thing I think of is Viva Piñata and the ruffians in the game? Anyone else? Am I too young?

I mean, continuing with names, Born Ruffians and Ocean's Deep just doesn't present the image of a song that sounds pretty upbeat and catchy, so feel surprised when you listen to this song.

When you look into it, the lyrics aren't really all that upbeat, talking about a breakup and the lies involved, but hey, who would notice that when it's hidden with an upbeat rhythm?!

Born Ruffians just have that typical English seaside town vibe, which is strange considering they're from Ontario, Canada.

Need a post-breakup song? Click play!


Some Minds by Flume, Andrew Wyatt

Now, for a change of music style after the vast majority of this month being upbeat, summery style songs.

I wish I could remember where I first heard this song, but it's completely slipped my mind, but I think it's either from an advert or some time where I Shazamed it.

It definitely sticks out like a sore thumb this month, being a bit more ominous, with, can I say a magical backing to it? Like little music specks of light in a dark room? Too visual and pretentious?

But then, as you start to edge towards the end of the song, and unexpected remix cuts in thanks to Flume, another favourite record producer of mine who just seems to be popping up everywhere.


Life Itself by Glass Animals

Okay, no time for judgement but do you want to know where I found this song?

Buzzfeed. That's right, I found this song using a Buzzed quiz, and I'm not even mad.

The intro of this song really gives you a different impression of what the song will be like, until it starts to change about 50 seconds in, bringing much more of a pop vibe.

It's funny because I have barely heard any Adam Lambert songs, but that was the first impression I got from the vocals; very alluring and pop prince style.

Which is completely weird to me, because I've heard Glass Animals before. Their song, Gooey, was definitely a big favourite of mine and my official soundtrack to meteor showers, but I never would have guessed that this track was from the same band. 

I wouldn't be at all surprised if this song becomes pretty big, I mean it checks those unwritten boxes to become a pop hit, so it's just a matter of waiting and wishing, but I have an inkling this will do very well indeed.


We Two Are a Moon by Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop

Now to end on a cutesy song if I ever did hear one.

I first heard this when I was listening to Radio 6 in the bath. Imagery.

But no, because I was in the bath, I didn't quite catch the artists at first, which lead to a furious drying of hands, rewinding on TuneIn and Googling lyrics.

This song has a nocturnal, romantic, acoustic style that just sounds oh so cute, but also something that reminds me of insomnia.

That's something I love about Radio 6, giving you the opportunity to listen to artists you may have otherwise not encountered, and this is a perfect example of that.

So go ahead and take a listen!

So that's it for this months Jadelist. What song was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day

Lots of Love

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