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The Jadelist: MAR 16

Hello lovely people!

Jade is almost a free elf!

That's right, one more week left of deadlines and then I'm officially free from uni. Error 404, existential crisis impending due to real world life about to kick in. 

So, now that my biggest deadlines are out of the way, I finally have a chance to do a bit more blogging, so naturally, I thought I'd finally catch up with Jadelist.

What's worse is that I actually make Jadelist throughout the month, so I've just had a few playlists silently judging me each time I go on Spotify.

Nevertheless, here's ten songs that I loved in the month of March. Enjoy!


Barely Breathing by Duncan Sheik 

How did they know that cheesy songs you would hear in a 90's movie are my weakness?!

Seriously, pretty embarrassed that I like this song, but I'm such a sucker for that late 90's to early 00's style of music.

Also, am I the only one getting Scrubs theme song vibes from this?!

Don't worry, I did a quick search and it's not the same artist, but it has that chilled punk vibe that was around then.

Petition for more music from this genre these days? Just me? Okay....


All The Pretty Girls by Kaleo

How can such a sad song sound so pretty?

The guitar riff at the beginning just sounds so sweet and I may have fallen in love with it.

Then the vocals start to kick in and it's not really what you expect, but never mind that, it still sounds beautiful.

Not to mention that later is the song, it starts to pick up a folk-style rhythm, so naturally, I'm beyond obsessed.

I mean, this song is just some giant contradiction, sounding so beautiful with deeper words.

But what's annoying me the most about this song? Kaleo sounds incredibly similar to another artist, and it's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't think of who for the life of me!


Beach Baby by Bon Iver

Kaleo AND Bon Iver?! Looks like March was a time of sad music for me!

Admittedly, this Bon Iver isn't all that sad sounding.

But what attracted me to listen to this song? The title.

That's right, I see the word beach and it's an instant pull factor. I am that shameless. (N.B., still haven't gone to the beach in 2016 yet...)

But back to the music itself. It has that relaxed acoustic vibe, like something you'd listen to in bed on a lazy, rainy morning.

But then, later in the song, this lead kicks in that gives it almost a vintage beachy vibe, if it even can be described.

All I can say is that it makes you feel content.


J'ai Cherché by Amir

Ahh, the first Eurovision song of 2016 that I heard.

Plus, what are the odds that it was from France?! Francophile Jade strikes again!

Now, I don't wanna brag or anything, especially because I haven't heard all the other songs yet, but I typically have an eye for picking the Eurovision winning song each year (with the exception of 2011, let's just forget 2011...)

Well, I think this has a very high chance of winning. It just has that typical winner vibe to the song: epic, upbeat, powerful, great vocals, I mean, can I praise this song enough?!

Mark my words, I will definitely be buying Eurovision tickets if Paris host in 2017. 


V. 3005 by Childish Gambino

Okay, confession time.

A lot of the songs from this months Jadelist were discovered from Vine.

I can already feel your collective judgement. My bad...

Well, this song is definitely no exception. What's more worrying is it's not like this is a new song or some kind of unknown musical gem, hidden in the depths of the internet.

Nope, not only is this by well known rapper Childish Gambino, but it was also released in 2013. Always first on the trends, clearly...

This song has conflicting parts throughout, with relatively chilled versus and then a high impacting chorus.

Plus, I may be addicted to the music video. That ferris wheel though!


Paper Habits by Jet Life, Young Roddy, Trademark Da Skydiver

How pretty does the beginning of this song sound?

Getting major Animal crossing vibes from the beginning rhythm.

Now, this is by no means a rant or insult at the song, after all, it's in Jadelist, of course I like it, but how many rap songs do I only like for a great instrumental?!

Not sure whether to be happy that there's a nice sounding song, or disappointed that it's overshadowed by the rap.

Nevertheless, I'm getting some lazy summer vibes from this, and I'm not mad.


Say You Do by Sigala, Imani, DJ Fresh

Whoah! A mainstream song in Jadelist! YAAAASSSSSSSS!!

But this song totally deserves it! Nice to hear vocals that could totally support themselves without great backing music.

That's not even a dig at the music, because it's so infectious! I may or may not be sat here tapping my foot while writing this.

It's weird, because it has a modern summer vibe, especially with the drum beat, but the vocals and the chorus give me an early 00's girl band vibe. Yeah, that's probably why I love it so much!

It's no surprise that this song has turned out great - DJ Fresh was involved, and nobody can forget the hit that was Hot Right Now, that may still be on my gym playlist...


Stay by Kygo, Maty Noyes

Okay, let's make it official right here, right now: Kygo will forever be my favourite DJ.

He has a sound that is instantly recognisable that is dissimilar to other DJ's. I think it's the techno drum beat that sounds like an edited steel drum.

Either way, his edits always sound much more upbeat, summery and party like. Maybe it's just me being Eurotrash, but I just really like the sound he produces.

But seriously, this does have a very Euro-vibe to it. I mean, props to Scandinavia right now for all the great DJ's coming out of their in the past few years.

You've taken a girl who typically hates house music and made her fall in love with it. I take my metaphorical hat off to you!


Last Days Of Dancing by Maja Francis

Props to Jack for introducing me to this song, and good luck to all the future projects relating to this song.

Now, I thought that this was some unknown song in the world of music, but to my surprise, it's doing rather well, with over 1 million Spotify plays to its name! Nice one Maja!

I get Robyn vibes from Maja. Maybe its the voice or similar music styles, but I'm definitely hooked.

Lets not even mention the last 30 seconds or so when an extra beat kicks in. Pure magic.

It just sounds like one of those reunion songs that you'd hear at the end of a movie.

To me, this is an anthem of togetherness.


Boys That Sing by Viola Beach

Someone hold me.

Honestly, it's really upsetting that this band will never live to see their success.

Now, for someone like me to find a band that I am fully 100% interested in all they music is a rare thing, so hearing their sound and falling in love with it after their passing was bittersweet to say the least.

So naturally, after becoming hooked on Swings and Waterslides, I just had to go out and see if there was any more of their music around, and I was presented with this beauty.

It has that upbeat indie-pop vibe that I just adore.

I just hope that Viola Beach still gain some notoriety for years to come, despite their tragic ending.

*Cheeky Bonus Song*

Like A Fool by Viola Beach


Okay, don't hate me but I couldn't shorten it to 10, and c'mon, two songs from the same artist and EP is totally allowed, right?

Now, this still has a loveable vibe like Boys Who Sing, but this has much more of a summery vibe to it, like spending the day at the beach.

Seriously, this band to me are the epitome of British summer as a young person and I'm head over heels in love with their sound.

Prayer circle that more of their music gets released over the coming weeks.

N.B - Hey everyone! This is present day Jade! Past Jade is an idiot who left this post in a tab for months without publishing. Don't be like past Jade!

So, that's it for this months Jadelist! How did you feel about the songs in this post? Let me know in the comments below.

So, question time! What song have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day

Lots of Love

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