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The Jadelist: APR 16

Hey hey lovely people!

Time for a confession: This post is being written in June.

I know, I know, that's a long time, but if this final year, well, if these past few weeks have taught me anything, it's not to have too much on you all at once.

Having different types of deadlines, commitments and everything else all at once took its toll and I kinda just became a big ball of anxiety during April and May, but it's all good now!

Thankfully, I've recognised the issue, so I'm taking the steps to keep anxiety at bay and what not, so now I'm back with some more fantabulous music for you all to enjoy!

Though April was a hectic time, there was a lot of great music involved which thankfully haven't scarred me for life with flashbacks to deadlines!

So, without further ado, here's this months Jadelist!


Work from Home by Fifth Harmony

I'm British, so I never thought this would happen: I'm becoming obsessed with Fifth Harmony

Now, that's not to say that because I'm British, I shouldn't like them, but the USA has more of an attachment to them, and rightly so, they appeared of their version of The X Factor. 

Essentially, they're like the USA's answer to Little Mix, which is probably why i brushed them off, not that I don't like Little Mix, but I'm not their biggest fan, but man, was I wrong!

Their first song that I loved was Miss Moving On, then BO$$ dropped and I was hooked on that too, but when I first heard this song, I was obsessed and had no clue who it was, thinking it was some new starlet's debut single.

Proceed to a gobsmacked Jade, looking at the Shazam result on her phone to find out it was actually Fifth Harmony

This song has such an infectious beat, not to mention that the lyrics will be stuck in your head FOR DAYS!

Work work work work work work work...okay, I'll stop now. 


Valentine's Day by Proleter

Now for the shameful back story from this song.

I found this through a YouTube video by LtCorbis.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, LtCorbis is a 11 year old girl who's language is filthier than a white Ford Transit, but this girl knows comedy and how to be a YouTuber in 2016.

Anyway, this song was featured in the outro to one of her videos, but the short 15 second snippet clearly wasn't enough for me, so I Shazamed it and voila, here we are.

It's funny because I've heard of Proleter but never listened to them until now.

It has that sampled jazz meets modern music vibe, and I'm sucker for jazz.


Beautiful War by Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon are great and that's all you need to know. The end.

Okay, maybe not that outright, but Kings of Leon never seem to fail, and this is no exception.

Though don't be fooled, this isn't one of their typical rocker songs.

Beautiful War has a lazier, tender vibe to it that's a bit dissimilar to the bands typical style, but that doesn't mean it's not as good.

It's funny, because this gives me somewhat of a U2 vibe rather than KOL

Definitely a nice calm rock anthem.


Finale by Madeon, Nicholas Patricia

It's funny because this song shouldn't really be here

Believe me, I checked if this had already featured in a previous Jadelist, but to my surprise, it hasn't, which is insane because I love this song a hell of a lot.

I first heard this song a couple of years back, dismissing it from the get go because the techno vibe at the start was a bit meh.

But no, I stayed persistent and listened a bit longer until the beat dropped. Then I truly realised how great this song was.

My favourite part in particular is towards the end, when everything starts to calm down, almost like a sunset on a summer evening. Too dramatic and picturesque? My bad!

Either way, I've loved this song for such a long time, and here's hoping you like it too!


These Days by Nico

Ignorant Jade incoming.

Now, I've liked the song Amplified by Watsky for quite some time now, and I thought it was great and totally original.

Yeah, I didn't know that it sampled this song.

You see, it all started when I heard a vine with the rhythm in it, immediately thinking 'Hmm wait, this is from Amplified, but it sounds a lot more, vintage?'

Fast forward to an embarrassed Jade reading the comments, finding that it was actually used by Nico before Watsky.

Nevertheless, I started to get hooked on this song. I really appreciate it's calmness, I don't know, it just seems like something you'd listen to while writing inside on a rainy day, kinda like now....


Luxury by Jon Bellion, Audra Mae

Jon Bellion, you absolute bae.

Did someone say Vine song?

Well, kinda.

While on Vine, I heard a cover of Woodstock by Jon Bellion and thought it was beyond. This then lead me to stalk his Spotify, where I found this little gem.

Luxury kinda reminds me of the type of song you'd hear from someone like Owl City or hellogoodbye, kinda that soft techno-pop sound.

Now all we need is for Woodstock to be on Spotify and I will be forever grateful. Cheers Jon.


Flame by Sundara Karma

Whoah whoah whoah whoah whoah, I am ridiculously in love with this song.

What makes it weird is that I wasn't even expecting to like them!

I was scrolling through Facebook one day when a Sundara Karma event came up on my timeline and I don't know, the name kinda interested me so I thought I'd do a quick Spotify search

Best. Decision. Ever

This song is 100% in my favourite style of music, and I'm sure it's gonna be one of my favourites for a long time to come.

I simply can't describe how good this song is in words, you just have to listen for yourself.


To Believe by VITAMIN

Gotta thank Viola Beach for this one.

So, as you all probably know by know, Viola Beach were my perfect genre in a band, so I've been trying to find any bands that are along the same lines.

Seriously, bless Spotify's 'Related Artists' feature, because I found so many great bands, with VITAMIN being one of them.

This song definitely has that upbeat vibe that I absolutely adore, not to mention that I'm obsessed with the short guitar riff near the end.

Love Viola Beach? Give these guys a listen!


Glow by High Tyde

Another great band found from the Viola Beach related artists.

So far, these guys are the most similar I can find to them, and I'm completely taking advantage of that.

It's funny, because I associate this sound with British seaside town indie-pop-punk-rock, and guess where these boys happen to be from? BRIGHTON!

Brb, just off to patent my musical mapping skills. MI5 are clearly in need of my services.

It's a fast paced rockable song that just captures that British charm that I oh so adore.


Heartbeats by José González

What a lovely song to end on, again, another one I thought I'd already featured because I've loved it for such a long time.

Now, I am such a big Supergirl fan that it's ridiculous, but you have to give credit to the show for its music.

Seriously, they feature some great lesser known artists with their original songs, or fabulous covers of songs, just like this song.

It was covered on the show by Daniela Andrade and Dabin, which don't get me wrong, I loved, it was a nice techno twist, but it only made me go back and listen to the original.

This is one of those quieter, acoustic-type love songs that should be a classic. World, get on that!

So that's it for this months Jadelist! What music have you been loving in the month of April? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, question of the post: What was your favourite song from this months Jadelist?

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day

Lots of Love

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