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The Jadelist: FEB 16

Hey Hey lovely people

So, I'm finally catching up with the past few months of Jadelist!

Unfortunately, my life right now is split between my last ever uni deadlines and freaking out about post-uni life, so no pressure or anything...

Nevertheless, from what I can remember, February was a pretty chill month for me. Y'know, when you're just like 'Oh, my deadlines are soooo far away, I can spend time all calm, cool and collected, listening to cute acoustic songs in bed"

Yeah, past Jade, I hate you for that.

Though, shout out to you, Jade from the past, for getting some lovely music in Feb's playlist. Top gal!

So, without further ado, here's the soundtrack to February 2016 for me!


Ain't Too Cool by Lunchmoney Lewis

This song is sass

Just pure sass

I remember I first heard this song when I was driving home with Bec, listening to the radio, when this suddenly came on

Ooh, a fresh new track with a jazzy pop beat. Officially #hooked

Now, I don't think I'm the only person that thought this, but seriously, Lunchmoney Lewis' voice just reminds me so much of Cee-Lo Green so much. I think it has to do with the general music style too.

Either way, looking back, I'm so mad that this hasn't become a big hit in the UK charts because it's so catchy. I really think it'd perform well, like along the lines of Uptown Funk

But hey, at least it didn't get overplayed and annoying. Silver liniiiiiiiiiiiing


Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay

Okay, so I came across this track a few days before the Super Bowl and was obsessed

Now, I knew Coldplay were playing at the halftime show, and then I found out Beyoncé would be supporting them there too (which was unnecessary, let's be honest, but whatever).

So, naturally, when you've just released a song with someone who will be supporting you at the halftime show, in which you will be singing a fair few songs, you'd expect them to sing their duet together.

I mean, what are the odds they would both be able to perform live together at somewhere, right when their song would need a bit of exposure

But noooooo, let's not sing it at the halftime show. Why would we need that?!

Seriously, I still cannot understand that decision! I was ready and waiting to jam out to my new favourite track, but was left in suspense

But hey, at least I got to feel all kinds of emotions from Yellow


World Without You by Hudson Taylor

Now it's time to feel all cutesy and what not

Seriously, this song is basically just like 'You are a fab human being, I wish you could see that'

Honestly, if any of you are having a bad day, give this song a listen

If you're not having a bad day, but appreciate a good acoustic song, give this song a listen

If you're reading this, give this song a listen.


Amsterdam by Gregory Alan Isakov

I am so ridiculously happy that I found this song, because it's now in my favourite songs of all time.

This is the ultimate city stroll in average weather song, or a sitting inside on a rainy day, gazing out of a window song.

In case you can't tell by now, I kinda went overboard with Mostly Strings this month.

Each time the piano plays in the chorus, I get shivers because it really is that beautiful.

This song is just lazily beautiful, very calming, and just really puts you in one of those observant moods, where you kinda just gaze out of a window.

Okay, soppy me is checking out of the building...


California Dreaming by Freischwimmer 

From Spring acoustics to summer jams, California Dreamin' is definitely a sunny, oasis type song

By oasis type, I don't mean Oasis like the Wonderwall band.

No, I mean the type of song you'd imagine playing in a pool resort in the middle of a desert.

Too literal? My bad

Prayer circle I pass my driving test before the summer starts, so I can drive around on a sunny day with this playing #SummerGoals


Swings & Waterslides by Viola Beach

So lets start this by saying how unfortunate it is to have found this incredible band in the way I did.

You've probably heard of Viola Beach by now, because they were the band that were unfortunately killed, along with their manager, after their car drove off a bridge in Sweden.

The band were starting to becoming really big and were scheduled to perform at major events this year, including SXSW.

Honestly, I'm so musically upset by this, because they were my perfect genre. That kind of happy indie style that you don't get to hear too often on the radio.

When I heard the news, I thought I'd give them a listen, and was instantly hooked, with a bit of melancholy on the side.

This song has definitely made it into my favourite songs of all time and it really is a shame that we will never get any more music from this incredible band. 


Boardwalks by Little May

Whoah, Jade! Another acoustic song?!

Wasn't expecting that at all. Nope. No way. 10/10 surprised....

Again, I spent way too much time listening to Mostly Strings this month, feeling all cutesy with my fairy lights on, living that Tumblr life.

Secretly, I think I'm just obsessed with acoustic songs because of my struggle to actually play guitar decently!

Now, I think some of you may brush this song off initially, but trust me, stick around for 2.21, when the beat really starts to kick in.

It gets very folksy and fast, like you can imagine being adventurous to this beat in a summer sunset.


1901 by Phoenix

I'd be surprised if any of you haven't heard this song!

It's been around for a while now! I think the first time I heard it was during Skins way back when.

I stumbled across this again one day when I was looking through Spotify and fell in love with it all over again.

It really captures that indie-electro-pop vibe that was all around in 2009 *Flashbacks to coloured Primark Raybans and high exposure Bebo pictures*

Nostalgia fest in a song. You're welcome. 


Make Me Like You by Gwen Stefani

Gwenny, my dear! You're back!!

Gwen was such a big part of the late 90's and early 00's music scene, so it's so great to see her back.

sidenote: What You Waiting For was MY JAM

Make Me Like You has such a funky beat to it and I may or may not be tapping my foot to this as I'm writing.

I'm so mad that this didn't do better



Atlantis by Seafret

And now to end on yet another acoustic song.

Seriously, this song seems really out of place with the rest of this playlist.

Now, I'm not saying it's depressive, but it's definitely a lot different to the rest of the songs featured in this post.

It's a rainy day song to listen to near some water.

Again, apologies for being waaaay to visual with my music choices, but literally, I picture a rainy day, looking out at the harbour in Falmouth while listening to this.

I am one sappy gal.

And that's it for this months Jadelist

What song were you feelin' from this post? Let me know in the comments below

Also, what was your favourite song from the month of February?!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day

Lots of Love

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