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The Jadelist: JAN 16

Hey hey lovely people

Do you know what's a great feeling? Being able to appreciate music again.

Okay, I know I'm sounding melodramatic, but being busy for the majority of January left not much time to kick back and find some new music around, just through simply doing nothing.

Not to mention that my phone broke in January (It lasted three years though, where's my medal at?!), so my usual musical commute was no more. 

Does this mean I didn't find anything though? HELL NO!

There's still a couple of fresh faces in the January Jadelist, along with some familiar tracks that are probably already stuck in your head, and if not, I apologise in advance...

So, without further ado, here's the first Jadelist of 2016


The Hook by Flybear

Okay, so the beginning of this song makes me feel like some kind of crazy art genius. So jumbled and
mashed together, almost a cacophony of sounds that somehow work.

It starts to quieten down, and then the drumbeat kicks in

It almost has that nostalgia link to it, like an old Super Mario game. That early techno kind of vibe.

Okay, maybe I'm sounding too pretentious, but this just sounds like music a modern art student would make!


Moon River - A Duet by Bxnjamin & Chanele McGuinness

I am basic, continue to judge me.

So it's pretty obvious that I first heard this on the Galaxy advert right?

I love when cute vocals and raps somehow come together and actually work. Think back to Florence and the Machine & Dizzee Rascal's duet on You Got The Dirtee Love.

Now, not to pick favourites, but I would totally love to hear more from Chanele McGuinness. Her voice just sounds so delicate, yet haunting, in an addictive way.

Let's not forget about Bxnjamin though. His voice fits well with rap because you can actually focus on the lyrics he's saying, which is becoming rare these days. 


Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet by HNNY

I'm sorry, was Jadelist JAN 2016 an instrumental fest?!

Okay, I'm a super for a good instrumental, but c'mon, I can totally justify this one right?

Picture it:

You're on a beach

It's June

Not a cloud in the sky

People to the left of you are playing volleyball

The beach isn't packed, but there are people just enjoying the sunny day

Those are the vibes I get from this song

Trust me, the sun is out right now and the temperature's in single figures, but man, this is tempting me to go to the beach!


Worry by Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt


I really don't think I'm getting ahead of myself when I say he's gonna be a big name very soon!

He's got that great voice along the lines of Hozier, but then BAM!

His voice works incredibly with that editing and dance effect.

Worry gives you almost that confusing feeling. Is it happy or sad? How am I meant to feel?!

Either way, it's in the millions of listens on Spotify, proving that Jack is becoming a fan favourite.


To Be Alone With You by Sufjan Stevens 

I promise you, I wasn't on some kind of downer during January (with the exception of my phone. Sad times)

This song does have a feeling of melancholy, especially in the verses, but the chorus almost sheds a light on the song, then fades back with the verses.

What's crazy to me is I've completely forgot how I found this song

After looking on what shows it's appeared on, it turned out that I haven't watched any of them!

My guess is some kind of acoustic YouTube channel (again, very basic Jade).

Either way, I can totally sit in my room at sunset with my fairy lights on, listening to this, and be so contempt. 


Fever To The Form by Nick Mulvey

Okay, Nick Mulvey is my favourite voice of 2016 so far

and I'll tell you why.

It's so rare these days to find a peaceful acoustic artist along the lines of Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz or Ben Howard, but for me, Nick Mulvey is following along their lines

Because of this, I'm obsessed!

His music just has that epic sound to it, especially around the 2.15 mark.

Believe me when I say that this most definitely wont be the last time you'll be hearing Nick Mulvey!


Hey Mami (Big Wild Remix) by Sylvan Esso

Cute, happy remixes are my life

That being said, I'm currently fangirling so hard over this song.

I'm not even sure why, but the versus give me almost an Indian vibe. I think it's the voice.

Big Wild have been coming up in my playlists a lot lately. Definitely enjoying the way they remix. It's almost as if they remix songs to sound like celebrations.

Confession: I have danced to this in my kitchen while cooking waaaaay too many times.

Please join me and reduce my embarrassment by doing the same.


On My Mind by Ellie Goulding

Now, aside from Love Me Like You Do, I haven't appreciated an Ellie Goulding song in a very long time (Where my people at who enjoyed Ellie back in the days with Under The Sheets?! 2009 throwbacks)

Regardless of her Fifty Shades hit, this song caught my attention the first time I heard it.

It's got a great beat that just doesn't sound like it belongs in today's music. It feels very early to mid noughties, which I'm a complete sucker for.

Petition for Ellie to make more music like this?!


Maybe We're Home by Lewis Watson

Now, hear me out, doesn't this sound like something you'd hear in One Tree Hill when it was on?

Now hear me out, again: doesn't this sound a bit like Ed Sheeran?

It's as if someone combined two of my musical loves


Truthfully, if the radio was full of music like this, I would be in my element.

Prayer circle that 2016 becomes the year of acoustic rock?!


Cold Cold Man by Saint Motel

Okay, I think I'm going crazy

I'm so certain that this song was on an advert, but I just did a little google and can't find it anywhere

Honestly, this song just seems so familiar that if it's not from some kind of advertising, then props to Saint Motel for making a song embedded in my brain!

It's very up beat and happy (and advert like), almost in an Alphabeat style, minus the female vocals.

Seriously, how can such an upbeat tune be called Cold Cold Man?!

So, that's all for January's Jadelist!

What was your favourite song of January? Let me know in the comments below?

Did any of these songs catch on with you? Let me know which ones

As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day

Lots of Love

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