Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Revisited: Was I Successful?

Hey hey lovely people!

Okay, now here's the time where I just embarrass myself...willingly.

So in January 2015, I made a post called 'My 2015', where I had 10 goals to achieve in 2015. 

Of course I completely forgot about it like every person that makes a New Year Resolution. 

So, it's New Years Eve, I'm folding and putting away some clothes, watching the news (#TurntLife) when I suddenly remember about that dreaded post. 

So, let's judge how much of a failure 2015 was! 


Blog More Frequently - FAIL! 0

Yeah, definitely didn't achieve this at all. My blogging has been beyond awful this year, what with my
uni work and just generally being a bit busier. Having 46 posts in 2014, compared to 20 posts in 2015. Yeah, just gonna hold my head in shame! Though, I have a ton of post ideas in my head, with a lot of lifestyle and design post plans that shall be popping up when I get the chance. Not to mention that the last Jadelist of 2015 should be popping up tomorrow. 


Learn to play guitar and be able to read sheet music again - Half complete, 0.5

It's half complete, and I'll tell you why:

I bought a guitar in May of this year, when I had a lot of deadlines. Clearly, I always have my priorities in check.

Though, I've been learning to play since, bit by bit, picking up the chords by playing different songs.

I still play barre chords like a noob and any song with a capo lower than two makes me feel like I have tiny hands, but I'm slowly getting better.

Reading music hasn't become much of an issue atm, seeing as the tabs I use are in letter form. One day though, I will be able to read music again. 


Start Posting YouTube Videos -, well, maybe? 0.5

Okay, have a posted any beauty related videos, and honestly, it's completely slipped my mind. For once, it hasn't been nagging at me!

But hold up, this doesn't mean I'm not interested, and I want your help! Let me know some videos you'd like to see in the comments below.

Though, I'm giving myself half a point, because I've actually posted like two videos on my YouTube account this year, so credit where credit is due, right? Maybe? Clutching at straws? 


Buy Some Zoeva Brushes - IN PROGRESS!! 1

First off, bless my soul for putting this down as a goal to complete in 2015. Clearly, I was just looking for something to actually achieve this year.

Well, look at me, I've actually ordered my brushes and they're in the process of being delivered.



 Organise My Makeup and Beauty Products - YAAAAAAASSS! 1

Honestly, I'm pretty proud of this one, because I actually did this quite a long time ago.

So, I got my second ALEX drawer a few months back, so now all my makeup, skin care, bath and LUSH stuff are all neatly organised, at I'm really that much of an embarrassment because it makes me super happy.

Take pity on me. 


Walk More - Totally being generous, but yeah! 1

Okay, did I walk much? Not too much, but a hell of a lot more than last year!

This is the year that I totally found a new love for just taking a walk on your own.

Now, points please! 


Start Exercising More - LOL... 0

I mean, does this even need any comment?! I actually went through 12 months of saying I was going to join the gym, and then not actually joining the gym. Now, that takes talent, effort and commitment.

So, naturally, to tackle this issue, I'm making more plans to join the gym again in 2016. Yeah, good luck to me...


Become More Involved in Out Of Uni Things - Actually yes! 1.

So, this year I became the Head of News for Dragon Radio, my university radio station and I love working with my fab little news team.

Along with this, I'm also in the process of obtaining work experience for 2016, and would love the opportunity to do a few guest blog posts for different places.

Let's keep this goal going! 


Take Up Driving Lessons - I'm not even being generous, I've actually done this! 1


My driving instructor this time around is beyond fab and I'm so much more confident on the road than what I used to be.

The goal now is to pass before the summer because you all know that I'm basically gonna be living at the beach!


Go Back To Paris - No *sad face* 0

Now, on a more serious note, this one is expected to be a nil point.

Let's take into account the Charlie Hebdo shootings and more in January, coupled with the recent attacks in November.

Has this stopped my desire to go back? Hell no! I will go back to Paris, but when is the issue. Perhaps this summer? Who knows? But mark my words, I will return to my favourite place on earth.

So, a score of 5.5. I mean over half, that's some progress!

So, let's have a little prayer circle guys that I can actually beat this score in 2016. BLESS ME PLEASE!

So, I wanna know what your goals are for 2016! Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day

Lots of Love

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