Sunday, 31 May 2015

LUSH Oxford Street Haul

Hey hey lovely people!

So last week, I went on a little trip to London with my go-to travel gal pal, Dayna! 

Shamefully, we spent 9am - 5pm in just five shops and truly outshopped ourselves.

By the time we got to LUSH Oxford Street, we were probably carrying shopping with the weight being equivalent to a two year old child, so we unsuccessfully tried to tame ourselves in the store.

Now, here's what a picked up in LUSH heaven, with a little description on each! I'm hoping that every one of you cutie readers get a chance to pop in there!

Let's do this!

Okay, now I think of this as the lighter cousin to Shoot For The Stars. Seriously, visually, it looks like someone just brightened SFTS!

It smells really fresh and personally, very minty and cold. According to what I can still read on the description label, it has some popping candy in it!

Seeing as it's now summer, my body is now officially ready to use this bad boy on a hot summers day!

All the points to this bubble bar for being the most majestic LUSH product I've ever seen.

First off, don't make the mistake I did and pick up a broken one, thinking they're individual sticks! 

Seriously though, this product in total is unbelievably weighty! 

It smells kinda spicy, almost like a Christmas cinnamon spice, which isn't helping my LUSH
hoarding situation. Pray for me that I don't end up keeping this until the weather gets colder?

This is the first LUSH Oxford Street product I remembered seeing on Instagram before the store was announced. 

Sure, maybe it's a bit having a pill shaped bath bomb called Cyanide but man, it's pretty cute!

It smells like lovely almonds, which after hearing from a staff member, is because cyanide can give off an almond scent to some people. 

Creepy or cool, I don't know, but I'm seriously excited to use this!

Now for the MVP. Seriously, my favourite scent from all of the products I picked up at Oxford Street. 

The scent is so familiar to something in my childhood (If anyone knows what it is, PLEASE LET ME KNOW) and is described as a fruity cocktail. Side note, I didn't drink cocktails as a child, it's all good!

Despite its beautiful smell, how fab does it look?! Everyone loves a flamingo!

I've seen a lot of demo's of this on Instagram. Believe, I'm way too excited to see how this one works!

This totally live up to its Lava Lamp name, changing the water an orange colour and leaving the purple separate, just like oil in a lamp!

It smells super citrusy, specifically orange, but my label is a bit worn so unfortunately, I don't exactly know what the scent is. 

Now this one was a big surprise for me. Last time I smelled Karma, I totally hated it. 

Yeah, now I have a redesigned Karma. Can someone tell me what happened here? 

I'm not sure if the formula has been redesigned, but it smells a bit more citrusy and less musky than what I remember. 

But yeah, how beautiful does it look?! It's pretty huge too!

Perhaps the signature bath bomb of LUSH Oxford Street; The Experimenter.

Controversial statement but I wasn't as impressed with it as I thought I would be.

Admittedly, I haven't used it yet but it really smells pretty awful. Looking back, I think I bought it just because it's 'The Experimenter'.

To me, it feels like I'm inhaling a ton of pepper, minus the sneezing. 

My all time favourite LUSH scent in cute macaroon form!

If you're a regular reader here, you'll already know my obsession with Rose Jam.

All I'm saying is I picked up more than one of these lovely fellas...

Now for the other lovely bubbleroon, Yuzu & Cocoa.

Again, it's a redesign on the bubbleroon's that you can find in any normal LUSH store. 

A mix of vanilla and orange, this won't be the last you'll see of Yuzu & Cocoa in this post! 

This bomb isn't jazzy at all on the outside, which makes me think that there's gonna be a surprise inside!

Either way, it smells nice a sweet but again, my label has worn so I don't know the exact scent.

Seriously, I'm really looking forward to using this.



But seriously, this smells JUST LIKE Dove!

It contains orange oil and real milk, so I'm expecting this to create some really nice bath water.

Only problem now is woman-ing up and cutting it!

So yeah, this one looks a bit weird, doesn't it?

But honestly, it smells SO GOOD!

They definitely didn't scrimp at LUSH when making this one. The fragrance is so strong, containing patchouli, rose and amber. 

Not to mention that it's also reusable too. 

Though it's a pretty hefty price for something not majorly big, I'd guess that you won't need to use much.

Ooh, someone looks a little different.

As weird as it is to see it like this, I think it suits You've Been Mangoed a bit better.

The scent smells exactly the same, so preach for no formula changes.

Seriously, these bath oils all seem really exciting, though, travelling three hours on a coach whilst being sat next to the heater wasn't really ideal, hence the, shall we say unique shape.

The scent of this one is really confusing, because it's sweet but there's a little something to it. All I can think of it being is the bergamot in it.

Before this made the journey back to Wales, this was a hell of a lot cuter.

It's still cute, but the travelling really did take its toll on this one.

Nevertheless, this still smells lovely and, surprisingly, contains orange oil in it. 

Anything coated in sugar immediately makes me happy. The name of this product is most definitely apt! 

I'm guessing that I must really like orange scents because that's looking to be a trend in these products.

At least this one is orange AND smells orange too. Ain't nobody got time for non-coordinating scents. 

Even after being battered through the streets of London, this little bath oil has still managed to be cute!

Smelling it now, I think I must've just picked this up because of how cute it looked. 

Honestly, to me it smells like children's makeup. Flashbacks to those awful baby pink lipsticks you had in children's magazines that smelled like wax. 

But..but... It looked so pretty!

A moment of silence for our brother who got hurt on the journey. 

This was a lovely little glamorous thing that totally reminded me of Star Light Star Bright!

Despite it being visually similar, don't expect the scent to be the same. It's lime, pepper and pine!

Though, that does sound more festive than SLSB, right? 


Seriously, the name is not a lie! It really does smell like custard!

Only issue here is that my little shark's fin has suffered a little bit of damage.

Told you there would be more of the lovely Yuzu & Cocoa!

I honestly couldn't resist getting a medium bottle of this lovely stuff!

Sure, they don't have permanent Rose Jam shower gel (which they SO should), but this is definitely my second option.

Looking at everyone else's posts, there's still so much there that I wish I picked up when I was there. Thankfully, I'm going back to London pretty soon so I'll have my chance to restock then!

Have any of you guys been to LUSH Oxford Street yet? What did you think? What did you get? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, question of the post: Which product would you want to be a permanent member in the regular stores? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day

Lots of Love


  1. Cyanide is so cute - wish I could try this. I utterly live almonds, Meh :(

    Sarah xx

    1. You NEED to make a little trip down to Oxford Street! If you live in the UK, do what I did and slum it down on National express! £12 for a London return is pretty fab!

      Prayer circle you one day try Cyanide (The bath bomb ofc!) 😂

  2. Oh wow just loved this haul and so many new products for me to try!! The milkbottle looks so cute :) x

    1. I wish I spent more time there! It's like a little LUSH haven! + IKR! It's too pretty for me to cut up as well! The struggle is too real! WHY OH WHY LUSH MUST YOU MAKE PRETTY PRODUCTS?!?!

  3. OMGGGG u got some amazing bits! I need a bit of a lush spend up xxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

    1. You have my full permission to spend all of your money in LUSH like RIGHT NOW! xoxo

  4. Amazing haul! I'm so jealous, wish all the Lush stores stocked these bits!

    Sarah xx

    1. I've heard around that they're eventually going to bring the stock to all the other stores! How on earth are they gonna fit everything in the shops?! Even if they just brought it all online, I'd be super happy! xoxo

  5. ooh lush's oxford st exclusives are so inventive, aren't they?! x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

    1. IKR! It honestly feels like being in LUSH kitchen, in that you get all the cool, unique products, but without having to chance it with an online order! xoxo

  6. Replies
    1. IKR! I swayed to Bomb Cosmetics a while back, and while they do make some pretty creative bath bombs, they just can't compare to the quality of LUSH! xoxo

  7. Woah you got some amazing bits from LUSH. I never know what to buy when i go in there, i get so overwhelmed by all the colours and smells! Love the Intergalatic and Razzle Dazzle - they sound awesome!

    Courtney |

    1. THAT IT LITERALLY ME! Unfortunately, that usually means you end up spending way too much money in there because everything looks hella cute! Prayer circle that you get to visit LUSH Oxford street! xoxo

  8. Wow what a haul! The flamingo is so cute xx
    Glossy Boutique

    1. Honestly, it was the best smelling thing I picked up from there too! Definitely wouldn't mind stocking up on them when I go back! xoxo

  9. Everything looks so good!
    Catherine xx | Brighton Girl

    1. I so wish there was some kind of way I could share the smells from this through a blog post! You have to take a little trip to Oxford Street and check it all out! xoxo

  10. one day when I have my own place, I really want to start buying Lush products for the bath :) Also, I love the way you labeled each photo with the name and price!


  11. Wow, you certainly picked up a lot! The dragon bath bomb looks super fancy, intergalactic looks lovely too!

    Toni x

  12. There are now a million more bath bombs on my LUSH wishlist haha! Intergalactic and Cyanide both sound so good :) xx


  13. Wow! You bought so many amazing ones! I've never tried any of these but I've popped a few onto my list! 'Happy Thoughts' looks lovely! I love anything that smells like oranges. Great haul lovely. I love your photos! x

    Cliona |

  14. I only just went to Oxford Street and I desperately want to go back! Ive fallen in love with Shark Infested Custard, it definitely does smell good enough to eat! I also love Cynide Pill and I wish I'd had a sniff of Yuzu and Cocoa as I love Rose Jam too! Petition to make it permanent!!!

    Eloise x //