Sunday, 15 February 2015

My First Bloggers Event - LUSH Mothers Day Event

Hey hey lovely people!

Last week, I was given the opportunity to attend LUSH Bath's bloggers event for the Mothers Day product launch. 

Yeah, this was my first ever bloggers event. Bless me!

Honestly, I was so excited and nervous prior to it, after all, I have a pretty small blog, especially compared to most people that attend bloggers events. 

At the same time though, it was a LUSH event, probably my favourite company (I mean c'mon, just look at my Instagram!), and being lucky enough to see the product range before everyone else, well, that was FAB!

Thankfully, I wasn't going alone! My trusty sidekick Dayna was attending too, so we made the journey from Wales to Bath and arrived way too early, like the cool kids we are not!

After freaking out and double checking we were here on the right day, other people started to turn up. My 'small blog syndrome' started to go away because everyone was so lovely and welcoming.

So, when we all went inside, we were first shown the new range and given a description on them. 

So, here's the LUSH Mothers Day 2015 range:

So, first up, we have a returner from 2014, Secret Garden.

I remember using this last year and being amazed as how pigmented this bath bomb. Not to go all Persil on you, but it really is small and mighty!

When used, it's as if it paints the surface of the water. I'm pretty sure that I once saw a demo where a flower pattern was left behind. It smells kinda sweet and floral, thanks to the rose and marigold in this. 

Next up is Rose Bombshell.

Don't be fooled by this bath bomb; it may look like a simple beauty, but after the outer shell fizzes away, petals are released and your water begins to turn pink. 

It definitely smells like roses, but not in the way that Rose Jam does, it's more powdery. I think this is gonna be the dark horse of the Mothers Day lineup

Now onto bubble bars, and starting with my favourite, we have Ultraviolet.

This one fits in with the big bubble bars (That alliteration though), along with The Comforter and Brightside. 

When used, it creates violet coloured water, which coincidentally, I think smells just like parma violets too! 

And the cutest Mothers Day product goes to Mother Superior.

I will be honest, when I was waiting outside and spying through the window, I couldn't tell what this was. Initially, I thought it was some weird sheep. I blame my Welshness.

After a little sniff, I'd say it smells like a lovely soapy bath, with a soft floral hint. I'm tempted to say it's jasmine. Either way, it's one of those products you'd want in a bath to feel cosy before bed.

Everyones childhood in a LUSH product. Here we have the ever so cute Bubblegrub.

In case you couldn't tell by now, this is fashioned on the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Note how it's eyes are made from chocolate buttons? Yeah, trying real hard right now to not eat them.

Most people aren't to keen on this ones scent. To me, it's like a mixture between Coconut, chocolate and fresh mint. Definitely a very food scent, but a bit weird.

Now for the signature shower gel for Mothers Day, Yummy Mummy.

I was a bit wary on this, considering I wasn't all that fussed on the Valentines scent, Prince Charming.

Turns out, this smells absolutely lovely. It's kinda sweet and caramel-ish, but with a fruity and floral hint.

Plus, if you're super obsessed, you can get it as a body conditioner too. Fab!

Now, for the Mothers Day soap, Love You Mum.

 Look at how beautiful it is?! Personally, I wasn't too keen on the scent, which is why I didn't purchase any, but the website says that it contains Mimosa absolute, Bergamot oil and Jasmine absolute.

After all the products were introduced to us, we had free reign of the store, able to take up all the fab opportunities that were there on the night. First, we went to a scent test to find out which fragrance we would like best.

Turns out some scents smell completely different on certain people. What can smell like orange to some actually turned into lemon on others!

Afterwards, because how could we not, we swatched some of the LUSH makeup products. I now realise that LUSH actually make a really good highlighter.

Along with the scent test, we were also offered hand massages with some of LUSH's signature products, including Ro's Argan Oil body conditioner and the new Yummy Mummy shower gel. Also, thanks to Dayna's arm for being a fab model.

  There were some lovely lemonades and snacks available at the front that looked cute and fancy.

Yeah, cue awkward Jade that can't drink fizzy drinks making a squash. Thankfully, I wasn't alone! Shout out to Clair, a fellow member of the anti fizzy drink club.

Finally, we left the best for last, making out own bath bombs and bubble bars. 

As you can see, everyone here was creative with their Sunnyside bubble bars, and then there was me, making a pasty...

Overall, it was such a lovely night and I'd like to thank LUSH Bath for inviting me along. Hopefully I'll be invited back for more events!

So, question of the post: Which LUSH Mothers Day product are you looking most forward to using?Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day! 

Lots of Love


  1. Lovely post! I need to get to lush more often!
    Just letting you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, the post is up on my blog :-)

    Shannon | Simply Shannon

    1. Ooh thanks lovely! Only just saw this now! Shows how good I am with blogging lately! I'll get right on it! xoxo

  2. I love the look of 'Ultraviolet', it definitely looks like a product I'd like to try out. It looks like your first event was lots of fun, so glad you enjoyed lovely :)
    Natasha Paris x | natashaparisblog

    1. How awful am I! I posted this in March and I still haven't tried Ultraviolet yet! Thanks for reminding me! My LUSH hoarding shall end tonight! Here's hoping you picked some Ultraviolet up while it was available!

      Also, fab name! Natasha is my middle name!