Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lush Valentines Haul

Hey hey lovely people!

I've finally managed to take some photos of my LUSH Valentines Day haul after having an inner struggle with how to take decent blog photos, #bbloggerproblems.

Seriously though, the struggle to get natural lighting in Winter, let alone in Wales! 

Nevertheless, I'm super excited to show you the 2015 edition of LUSH's valentines range. There's a lot of fun colours and fab designs this year, so enjoy!

First up, we have Unicorn Horn, the product which has generated the most buzz this time around. Seriously, look at how majestic this is! It's super colourful and slightly iridescent too, so I'm interested to see if this will make your bath water sparkly.

I've seen a lot of debate over what scent this is. To me, it smells like a little bit like Brightside bubble bar, but with Lavender. 

Next up is a returner, Love Locket. This is my first time purchasing a 3-in-1 bath bomb too, so I'm really looking forward to opening this. It's like next generation Kinder Surprise or something!

This splits with two halves of the outer bomb and one central heart bomb. Only problem is finding the heart (pun not intended) to split the thing in two. 

It smells sweet, but also like jasmine scented, kinda along the lines of the typical 'romantic' LUSH scent.

Honestly, this was the one I was most looking forward to. I love all the bubbleroons in LUSH, but to see a heart shaped one, well, I started freaking out! 

It's a bit bigger than the other bubbleroons, and smells like Butterball bath bomb, but more floral. The 'filling' between this is covered in golden glitter too. Expect a blog post on this very soon.

Now for this newcomer, the lovely Floating Flower. I'm really impressed with the shape; it's nice to see a bath bomb that isn't just round. 

The scent is full on floral, and fresh, which makes me wonder why it wasn't released with the Mothers Day products (blog post to follow on that btw!), still, I can't wait to see what my bath water looks like after using this. 

What a little cutie this is! Lonely heart is a red bubble bar that's covered in golden glitter, which is currently all over my hands right now!

To me, it smells almost identical to Fizzbanger. Only criticism I have is that, for £3.50, it's pretty small!

Ooh, looky here, a new soap! This is cupids love, and it comes in two designs: this red one with hearts running through, or a full white one, which is part of the arrow going through this heart shaped soap.

It smells so sweet and fruity, like berries, but a bit more exotic. 

Finally, something I really need right now, a lip scrub. But this isn't just a lip scrub, this is practically a food! 

The Kiss is an orange scented sugar lip scrub with sprinkles and edible hearts. How fab?! It's uncanny how many people have told me that they secretly eat the stuff, but what's worse is that I don't blame them! This stuff is sooo good!

That's all I picked up from the LUSH Valentines collection! Did any of you guys get anything? Let me know in the comments below.

Question of the post: If you could design a bath bomb, what would it be like? I'm interested in hearing what you guys love!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love


  1. I really want to pick up a few more things from the range! So far I've only tried Unicorn Horn and it was okay - not what I expected!

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

    1. Oh no, really?! I still haven't used mine yet, but I picked up another one today, just incase it's fab! What colour does the water turn into? xoxo

  2. I am obsessed with Lush’s Valentines range, so many gorgeous items. I really love their Unicorn Horn and The Kiss scrub :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. The Kiss is practically a staple food now! It tastes SOOO good! I still haven't used any of the bath products yet, but I think I'm gonna love Heart Throb the most! xoxo

  3. My faves from the collection are the kiss lipscrub and the unicorn horn <3

    1. So far, that's what I've been seeing most people rave about! Quite surprised there wasn't a bigger reaction to Prince Charming, considering it's only around this time of year! Then again, I wasn't too impressed with it! It's got nothing on my eternal love, Rose Jam! xoxo

  4. Lush never disappoint, do they?! I'm so jealous, I don't have a bath in my new flat, so I can't use any of my usual, Lush favourites!


    1. I really need some kind of LUSH intervention! + HOW DO YOU LIVE?! I so couldn't, I love baths way too much! xoxo

  5. I haven't tried any of the Lush Valentines collection! x

    1. Awrr no! If you're lucky, your local store might have some stuff left! Not sure if online is still stocking! You'll love it! Good luck! xoxo