Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Day In... Bath!

Hey hey lovely people!

I can happily say that all of my deadlines and other commitments are now over, so you can expect m posts to be a lot more regular now. 

To celebrate this (Let's be honest, I was really just looking for an excuse), I went to Bath with my long time gal pal, Dayna!

I thought I'd take my camera along and document the day, so enjoy!

So, after getting off the train (and having a brief pause, in awe of how much we adore Bath), we headed on down to Debenhams, in search of a MAC counter and Arch Angelz.

Yeah, we were left pretty disappointed when we found out that Bath's Debenhams doesn't have a MAC counter. #FirstWorldStruggles. 

Okay, so we essentially used Debenhams as a refuge for the freezing cold temperatures on that day, but we did manage to gain the courage to continue shopping, and headed onwards to Hollister, where I picked up a lovely summer dress for £20! BARGAIN!

Obviously, I also got a refill of my favourite body mist, Solana Beach. Basically, I'm just screaming on the inside for it to be summer again.

Afterwards, we headed on into Boots, mainly because I needed some wet wipes to wipe off my awful lip colour. Yeah, we were immediately distracted by the spray body lotions, though, they were on offer, so it was justified.

Now for a Pro Tip: Are you covered in makeup from swatching in Boots? Now, I don't know if this is unique to Bath, but they have boxes of tissues on top of all the makeup stands, so no more covered hands. You're welcome. 

Next up, we went to our favourite shop, LUSH! 

Now, the last I went to Bath was in the summer last year (I know, pity me), and in that time, LUSH had moved to a unit on the opposite side of the street so they can accommodate the LUSH spa that they're building. Yeah, I'm now feeling so much jealousy on behalf of my regular Cardiff LUSH.

Since I needed an incentive to finish my deadlines, I said that I wouldn't buy any of the LUSH Valentines stock until everything was submitted. I kept that promise, so me and Dayna went all out with the Valentines products.

I picked up everything I wanted, except for Unicorn Horn, which looks like it's a big seller, considering that a few LUSH stores have sold out of them. 

It was all good though, because the fabulous LUSH in Bath had some Snowcake soap left over from the Christmas stock. Needless to say, we both picked up a hefty chunk.

Also, shout out to the two lovely ladies who were working in LUSH that day and invited us to the bloggers event they're having this February. I'm beyond excited for this, especially considering that it's my first bloggers event!

So by now, it was around lunch time and we were both starving, so we thought we'd try and find somewhere to eat.

When we came to Bath a long time ago, someone told us to turn left at LUSH and we'd find all of the restaurants. 

*Cue a hungry Dayna and Jade getting lost in Bath, but taking some cute photos*

In the end, we gave up and went to the place we know best: Jamie's Italian.

Seriously, we're way too used to this place now. But seriously, the food here is so good.

Before we were seated, we waited at the bar, where you can see all the fabulous fired meats, herbs and spices, as shown in the photo above. It really just has this small, Mediterranean deli feel, which you don't usually get from many 'Italian' restaurants. Nice one Jamie's! 

Our plan was to share some sides between us; Our favourite Funky Chips and some garlic bread. Unfortunately, Jamie's Italian don't serve any garlic bread, so we chose the Artisan Bread Basket.

Artisan being the key word in the name, because it was presented beautifully. Credit to them for making something as simple as bread look really exciting. 

Dayna didn't really like the dips, but I LOVED them. There were all different types of breads, though my favourites were the really fluffy one that was drizzled in oil and sea salt, and the seeded flat bread. Yum!

We also thought we'd give the mocktails a go, considering that I hate anything alcoholic (Top student). 

I picked the Berry Blast, which tasted like my favourite fruit, raspberry, but with a slight zing. Seriously, it was the perfect amount. I usually hate citrus fruit, but this was just right, though, it did get foamy and too citrusy at the very end.

Our food came afterwards. I ordered the carbonara, which tasted absolutely stunning, especially the pancetta. 

Of course, I ate it all, and totally regretted it afterwards, trying to shop on a full stomach!

Afterwards, we went into the new (well, I say new, it could've been built anywhere between last summer and now!) Primark in Bath. Admittedly, my Primark snob came out, in that in just doesn't compare to Cardiff's Primark, though, I'll give it credit for trying. 

Lastly, we had a quick look in H&M, where I picked up a lovely pair of shoes, which I'll show you in a later blog post. 

After that, we headed back to Wales on a very busy commuter train. Note to future self: Always book trains.

So, that was my day in Bath. Question of the post: Have you ever visited Bath? What's your favourite part of the city? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love


  1. I absolutely love Bath, it has such a wonderful atmosphere and everywhere you look there is stunning architecture and views! I love the area around The Royal Crescent, especially in Summer. I'll definitely be heading back there for a visit when the weather heats up and I'd love to experience the Thermae Spa!


    1. How awful am I?! I've been to Bath a few times now, but I still haven't visited The Royal Crescent!! Now it's summer though, I should pop back for a day or two! I'm only an hour away too!