Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Blogmas Day 3 : 10 Under £10!

Hey hey lovely people! Day 3 of Blogmas coming at you.

Now, I've been thinking about doing this post for a while, and what better time to do it than now? 

A lot of the things I use everyday don't cost that much, but they still work as good as high end products, so I thought I'd share some little beauty secrets with you all. 


1. Avon's Supershock Mascara

Now, this has been my staple mascara for YEARS! Seriously, this isn't even an exaggeration, I've probably used this for 6 years now. 

Although the image doesn't show this too well, it has the biggest plastic mascara wand that I've ever seen, not to mention that it also spreads out lashes and coats them individually, instead of sections being clumped together which I find with a lot of other mascaras. 

At the moment, Avon lists this as £8.50 on their website, with a free Supershock Mascara if you purchase certain products. Think of it as Buy One Get One Free! Usually though, I only pay about £4 or £5 because I get them in bulk when they're on offer, which, believe me, happens all the time! FAB!

2. ELF's Eyebrow Kit

Now, this has been in my everyday kit for about a year now. Seriously, how did I cope with my sparse, flat eyebrows back then?! 

Now, this eyebrow kit comes with a tinted gel, a powder and a little brush. Honestly, I don't really rate the included brush, so instead, I use an ELF small angled brush because it's so much more precise. 

This is a bargain for £3.95, considering that a benefit eyebrow kit would set you back £24.50! 

3. I HEART Makeup's I HEART Chocolate Palette

Now, I did a mini review of this a few months back, but I still think it's a great alternative for those not wanting to spend thirty-something pound on a NAKED palette.

For £7.99, you save nearly £30, and you still get lovely neutral shades with great pigmentation. 

4. I HEART Makeup's Goddess of Love Triple Baked Highlighter

Considering I've owned this product for a long time, it's pretty shocking that I've only just recently discovered how great it is. Long story short, I bought it thinking it was a blush. Turns out, pink toned highlighters are fab.

This product creates an actual highlight that doesn't look like I've just had a bath in glitter.

Plus, for £4.99, it's a bargain, not to mention that it looks like it'll last for 5 years!

5. Nivea's Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé

As everyone knows by now, I'm OBSESSED with anything raspberry. Forever the best flavour and scent. You also probably know by now that since having braces, I constantly have chapped lips.

Ever since then, I've probably bought about 15 different lip balms, but this one stands out for me, mainly because it's not a lip balm.

Since this is a lip butter, it has a very thick formula that doesn't budge for a long time. My only disappointment with this is that it as gorgeous as it smells, it's tasteless. Cue images of me breathing in heavily as a substitute to try and taste the scent. 

Boots are currently having a 3 for 2 offer on lip products, so you can pick this up for £2.10, along with two other products! 

6. ELF Lip Exfoliator

I'm really big on lip exfoliation, especially now with the winter and the whole chapped lips incident. This product however is in a whole different league.

Most lip exfoliators are simply fancily packaged sugar. As much as I love to buy my LUSH lip exfoliants, I know that it's just flavoured sugar. That being said, this is much more than that. It's essentially a balm and exfoliant in one.

The product looks just like a lipstick, minus the fact it's clear and jam packed with brown sugar, which exfoliates as you apply.

What's also great about this product is that it's so easy to take around with you in comparison to other exfoliants. Simply pop it in your bag and you're done.

Plus, since it's from ELF, you can pick it up for only £3.95!

7. LUSH's Ocean Salt Scrub

Preparing, my favourite scrub of all time. 

It's probably well know by now that I hate fake exfoliators, and by that, I mean those products with 'exfoliating' beads that basically do nothing.

No, I'm all about a serious scrub, which is what you get with this. It's a creamy formula filled with pieces of rock salt that will leave your skin smooth and refreshed. 

For £7.75 for 120g, it may seem a bit pricey, but hold that thought. I use this 2 times a week and I purchased this (bedraggled) tub in the summer, and I've probably got about 4 uses left. Believe me, it lasts a lot longer than you'd think. 

8. Super Facialist by Una Brennan Salicylic Acid Clay Mask.

Ahh, how could I not live without my Super Facialist mask?! 

Funny story, this wasn't the product I intended to buy. Yeah, I was meant to pick up the tea flower one, but silly old me picked up this one. Don't judge, they're the same colour! Besides, I'm so happy I made this mistake!

Because it has salicylic acid, it's great at keeping spots away, not to mention that the clay leaves your skin looking so flawless afterwards. 

Now, I'd recommend this only for those with normal/combination/oily skin because I think it might be harsh on dry skin, but fear not my dry skinned followers! For you, I recommend the rose version of this mask. These masks cost £8.99 for 125ml.

9. COLAB dry shampoo

This one even surprised me, especially after years of being loyal to batiste.

COLAB dry shampoo is in a league of it's own now, purely because of how fine this dry shampoo actually is. Think of it as comparing the texture of a transparent powder to a regular powder. It's a ton finer.

What does this mean? Well first, it doesn't leave your hair with that major starchy feeling. Plus, since it's so fine, you're less likely to get that awful greyish tinge.

They come in a few different scents, all named after cities around the world (Remember that impulse collection ladies, that were all named after famous cities? It's like that. Oh, how I miss New York!).

I need to pick up a new can today. Superdrug are currently selling these for £2.32, a third off! What are you waiting for?!

10. Vaseline Spray & Go

Last, but by no means least, we have the Vaseline spray moisturiser.

Now, I can be lazy when it comes to applying lotion, which is why I adore this product. 

Simply spray, rub in, and you're done. Believe me when I say you can moisturise your whole body in just one minute. 

Another reason I love it, specifically this scent, is because it smells just like walking in to Gilly Hicks. Oh, how I miss that shop!

You can pick this up for £3.99, but look around because you can usually find it on offer or part of a 3 for 2 deal.

So, that's my 10 under £10. What's great about this list is that I actually use these products on a regular basis, some of them everyday. It just goes to show that there are a ton of products out there that work tremendously and still won't break the bank.

So, question of the post - What product would you recommend that costs less than £10? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading this & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love


  1. That chocoate pallette looks way to realistic! >.< I wish someone would buy me that.

    The lip exfoliator looks like an awesome extra present, though. My friends and I don't really buy each other big things but a collection of small stuff.

    Great post! xxx

    1. Seriously, it's the most creative packaging that i've ever seen! + Exactly! Like some of these things would be perfect in a collection of small things! I did the same last year with my friend and gave her the lip exfoliator and spray moisturiser too! It's fab because they're cheap and useful! + Awrr thanks lovely! I'll be posting everyday until Christmas, maybe even New years! xoxo