Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas Day 19 - My Top 3 Bath Bombs

Hey hey lovely people

Little insight into my life. Today is 'Window day', and I'm writing this while I currently have no window in my room! Is it weird that I actually love it and, despite the coldness, that it actually feels like summer?

Nevertheless, I now have some FAB lighting and I'm in a happy mood, which is why I'm writing the post so early, though it won't be early going up as I'm still to take the photos!

Either way, regardless of when you read this, here's my top 3 favourite bath bombs! 

Now, if you follow my Instagram (@jadenatashax), then you'll know by now that I'm OBSESSED with bath bombs, and I usually post 2-3 videos a week of different bath bomb demos. Well, today, I thought I'd let you in on which ones so far have been my personal top 3, in no order, of course! 

So, first up, we have LUSH's Golden Egg. 

Now, I wish I picked up more of these when they were released, because I only have one left now. #SadTimes.

Little bit of a back story, but this bath bomb was the inspiration to my first blog post, and partially, for this blog too! Ahh, the cringey flashbacks

It's almost not like a bath bomb at all, more in the sense that it's like a bath bomb and bath melt combination, with a melting outer shell and a fizzing centre. Plus, it smells of the delicious LUSH scent, Honey I Washed The Kids. 

Only downside is that it's only available from LUSH during their Easter range, that's if it comes back this year.

Either way, I can live quite happily knowing that I still have at least one of these beauties in my collection!

Next up is a favourite of mine from Coal Harbour. May I present, Angel Delight.

Now, I may or may not have about 5 of these lying in my drawer as we speak. Seriously, I'm obsessed!

First, let's talk about the colour. When used, this bath bomb turns your water the most incredible shade of blue. It looks like you're sat in melted blue tip tops (In case you're not British, I'm talking about freeze pops).

Now the scent, seriously, don't get me started! I can't even describe what it is, but it smells LOVELY (unlike the smell in my room at the moment from the windows, which seriously smells like I'm just inhaling nail varnish). 

Fortunately, these can be purchased all year round from coal

Ahh, why do I love so many limited edition LUSH bath bombs? 

Now, Shoot For The Stars is only available during Christmas time, so stock up NOW!

This bath bomb leaves your water looking like a galaxy, all dark with speckles of glitter floating around. It's so unique and fabulous.

Along with that it also has the lovely smell of Honey I Washed The Kids (Can you sense my obsession yet?!).

So, that's it for now! Question of the post; what's your favourite bath bomb? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love