Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blogmas Day 17 - Degustabox

Hey hey lovely people! Apologies for yet another delay in posts! I've just spent the past two days prepping my usually messy room for the new windows that are being fitted tomorrow! 

So, yesterday, my Degustabox was delivered, and I thought I'd share the contents with you today, though not literally, Jade doesn't share food.

Now, seeing as I usually take my photos on my makeup table, which has to be moved at the moment because it's right by my window (Natural lighting though?), we have a new photo background! Enjoy!

So first up, we have Popchips! I can't remember if I've tried these before, or if I'm getting them confused with the Special K crisps, but either way, they looks yummy!

They're not fried or baked, as the tag line says, they're simply cooked with heat and pressure. Wow, magic!

Not only that, but they have half the fat of fried crisps, fewer calories and contain no artificial colours or flavours.   

I really cannot tell you how excited I am to try these biscuits!

Now, my most favourite Degustabox discovery has been the 'Pick Up' biscuits, which are also made my Bahlsen. If they taste as good as them, pray for me, because I will be eating my entire body weight in biscuits!

What I love about these though is that they're actually available in larger supermarkets, like Asda and Tesco. So if you like these, you won't have to go into some speciality shop to find them! YASSSS!

When I saw this package, I immediately thought it said Eat China, therefore assuming it was some healthy kind of porridge. Yeah, bit different!

These are a combination of oats, chia and fruits. Now, I know what you're thinking; what is chia?

Don't worry, I had a google and I still don't really know! As far as I'm concerned, it's some kind of super food seed that is pretty darn good for you! 

Next up is some some green tea by Pukka.

Now, I've never tried green tea, but my mum loves the stuff, which is why this is now hers! Presents for all! 

Plus, it's lemon too!

Another reason why I think I've been living in a cave for most of my life; I've never tried Marmalade.

As far as my mind is concerned, marmalade is simply orange jam, though nobody dares to say it, so I'm guessing that I'll like this.

Plus, it has a cute little jar too! How fabulous!

Curry, another reason to back up my living in a cave theory. For years, I thought that I had a weak tolerance for spicy foods. Turns out, I can tolerate them pretty well, though that doesn't exactly mean I enjoy them! Forever a Korma girl!

Nevertheless, this little kit, with a sauce, spices and oil, looks pretty nifty! Plus, they claim that with this, you can cook a meal in 20 minutes. Challenge accepted!

It's garlic infused, therefore I'm gonna LOVE it. Seriously, my love for garlic is pretty frightening.

It's only 1 calorie per spray! (Which I will admit, does freak me out! If it doesn't have the regular calorie amounts of oil, what are they taking away and what are they replacing it with?) 

Either way, it's garlic, so I'm forever biased!

Ahh, I love how you're all probably reading this and cringing. For me, this brings hope.

Now, I'm like some human taste detector or something. Seriously, I'm a self diagnosed super taster because I can taste flavours super strong, meaning that 

a) I HATE fizzy drinks, they feel horrible
b) I can taste the alcohol in ANY drink, which is why alcoholic drinks taste disgusting to me

So, the prospect of non alcoholic wine excites me, though, my Irish roots are probably weeping right now!

Last, but not least, we have these mixers, which I can assure you are not going to be used as mixers. Wow, I'm such a reckless student right?!

Seriously though, these drink flavours seem really yummy, like cucumber and apple. Seriously, they should make these as juices or something. 

So, that's it for this months Degustabox! If any of you are interested in trying this out, help a gal out and use my unique link here

Using that link will give you £3 off your first box! Fab, or should I say, YUM!

Question of the post! Out of all of these products, which one do you wanna try the most? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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