Monday, 15 December 2014

Blogmas Day 15 - The Braceface Tag

Hey hey lovely people!

Today, I had another orthodontist appointment, and honestly, my teeth are aching a bit, so I thought I'd have a quick but relevant post today. 

I present, the Braceface tag!

1. When did you get your braces on?

11th April 2014.  

2. How soon after you got them could you feel pressure or aching?

I think it was either 20 minutes or straight after. It was so weird!

3. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the worst) how bad was the pain for you?

I'd say about 6-7. I'll be honest, at one point, it felt like I wanted to just rip them off. (Don't worry kids, it gets better!)

4. What kinds of food to you eat when you first got your braces?

SOUP! Literally, soup and yogurt for a week. 

5. How often do you get adjustments?

Every 8 weeks.

6. Do you wear rubber bands? Comments about them?

Nope, well, at least not yet. Clearly, I'm gonna look ultra fab when I get them...

7. How many times a day do you brush with your braces? Do you have any tips to prevent the "little white squares" on your teeth?

Twice a day. Tips, hmm, get a really good electric toothbrush and always carry those spooley things with you. Believe me, they are life savers!

8. How often do you get your braces tightened?

Didn't you just ask that? 8 Weeks!

9. Do you get to pick your colours??

Yup, but I've always stuck with silver, unless I have to have power chains. Ain't no chance that I can pull off a rainbow look, or Ugly Betty realness!

10. How long do you have your braces for?

Somewhere between a year and a year and a half. Though according to my orthodontist, my teeth are moving pretty fast, so we could be looking more towards the year mark.

11. Did you need jaw surgery?


12. What kind of toothbrush do you use with your braces/appliances?

Oral B Triumph 5000. Seriously guys, you have to try it! It's SO good!

13. Do you use wax?

At the beginning, I used wax all the time, like I really looked that good with wax all in my braces. Now though, I use it pretty rarely, I'd say once every two months. Y'know, on those days where you wake up and you lips are just all caught up in your braces. Lovely...

14. How long did getting your braces on take?

Oh gosh, it was so much quicker than I expected! I honestly think it was 20 minutes!

15. What appliances have you/do you have?

Appliances? Dya mean like headgear and stuff like that? I have none of that, just plain braces. 

16. Do you ever get that metal taste in your mouth??

No. I don't get that, I think the only metal taste you get is from Iron, which clearly, braces aren't made from!

17. What colour bands do you get?? 


And that's the Brace Face tag. My teeth have changed so much in the last 8 months thanks to braces. To anyone reading this who's a bit unsure, totally go for it. I promise you won't regret it!

So, this was taken before my braces went on (I'm the one on the right)

And this is what my teeth are like now, though I've still got a few months to go! Please ignore my awfully swollen gums, I had a chain put on a couple of hours ago!

So, have any of you got braces, had them, or simply want them? Let me know in the comments below and tell my your experiences!

As always, thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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