Sunday, 5 October 2014

September Favourites

Hey hey lovely people! Can you believe that September is over already?! Well, I'm back with a new round of monthly favourites. Let's do this!

So first up, we have a haircare product from Aussie, and believe me, this is a big deal! I've been using L'oreal shampoos and conditioners religiously all of my life. I think I may have been converted *gasp*. My hair feels less weighed down, which is amazing considering how long it is. Now it's
super shiny and smells so good. Plus, look at the new bottle sizes! Well done Aussie!
Next up, we have two similar products, which I have posted about here. On the left is LUSH's Sex Bomb, and on the right is Bomb Cosmetics' Natures Candy. Both bombs were definitely a lot more impressive than I expected them to be, so much so that I decided to include them in this. Am I going to repurchase both? Hell yes!

Next up is a little bit different, but I had to include it. Now, I've always used aerosol deodorants, like most do. I mean, who really has time to wait for roll on's to dry?! Exactly. Now, I wasn't really finding most sprays all that effective, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to try something new. Dove Maximum Protection is almost like a moisturiser. You twist the cap and a small amount of a cream product is released. I've noticed such a difference since I've used this. Seriously, I'm officially converted. Better for your underarms and better for the environment! 

Okay, now this HAD to be expected, because I'm OBSESSED. Degustabox is a monthly service that  brings you different food products to try. So here are the contents of my first Degustabox. Now, I'm officially hooked on them. Is it bad that I get excited for the end of the month now, purely for my delivery?! Healthier foods delivered to your from door, how fab!

And now for my healthy obsession of the month, Pomegranates. Yes, I know they can be such a pain to peel, but hear me out. Pomegranates are in season right now, so what better time to start eating them? They're full of antioxidants, contain high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin B5, not to mention that they taste so good. Seriously, I think that it tastes like a combination of fruit and popcorn. If you haven't tried one yet, what are you waiting for?!

Next is my song choice of the month, 'Mississippi' by The Griswolds. Now, I have a habit of screen-capping playlists that I see on Instagram, and then never looking at them again. Well, thanks to IOS8 and my lack of space, I finally decided to check them out, thus finding this little gem. It's what I'd call a lazy happy song. I'm obsessed, and I'm sure you'll be too. 

Finally, we have my show pick of the month, 'The League', currently on Netflix. Now, I'm as surprised as you are that I'm obsessed with a show that centres around (American) fantasy football. The cast is fab (Did I mention that Jon LaJoie stars in it?!), there's never a dull moment and, surprisingly, I've learned a lot about American football. I've watched all five seasons that are on Netflix, so here's hoping that they begin to upload six soon!

So that was my favourites for September! What products have you been loving this month? Leave me a comment below! 

Thank you so much for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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