Sunday, 12 October 2014

LUSH Christmas and Halloween Haul

Hey hey lovely people. Now, as you will know by now, I have a major LUSH addiction. I was counting down the days until the LUSH Christmas and Halloween release date, determined to be there on release day. After discovering that my schedule was indeed free, me and my friend Dayna made the trip to the Cardiff LUSH store to embark on our shopping adventure. As it has been said, one cannot simply walk into Mordor LUSH...without filling up a whole basket...or two.

Yes, I did go all out. I picked up every Christmas and Halloween bubble bar, bath bomb and bath melt, along with three of the seasonal shower gels. So here's what I picked up:

Candy mountain bubble bar: This bubble bar smells sweet like candy, almost like Creamy Candy and Rockstar Soap! It's pink and white with iridescent glitter, and contains Vanilla absolute. 10 points if it
immediately made you think of Charlie the Unicorn!

The Christmas Hedgehog – Seriously, this little cutie smells like Christmas! It contains ylang ylang,  Shea butter, rose absolute and sweet orange oil. The blue parts are much softer than the white, almost more of a melt. It's too cute to use. 

Star light star bright – This bath melt super citrusy, so for those of you who get what I call 'smell headaches', I would try to avoid it, or using it in very small quantities. It's jam packed with glitter and contains Persian lime oil, Chinese ginger oil, Shea butter and lavender oil. LOVE! 

Christmas Eve – I absolutely love this! It’s such a unique fragrance, but its one I always look forward too! This lovely scent is made from Jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil and Irish moss powder. Okay, maybe that last ingredient didn't sound the best but trust me, it's fab. I think it was the first LUSH Christmas product that I ever used. 

Sparkly Pumpkin - Look how insanely pretty this is! It's sweet, but also calming. It would totally make for a lovely winter nights bath! Just one question: Why doesn't this smell of pumpkin?! Instead, it contains juniper berry oil, lime oil and grapefruit oil. 

Snow Angel – And now for the most beautiful product of the year award! It contains rose absolute, benzoin resinoid, Shea butter and Cassie absolute. It smells a lot like almonds, not to mention that it's super glittery too!

Wizard - Look at this magic little guy! He's made with fennel oil, juniper berry oil, tangerine oil and ylang ylang oil. It smells slightly spicy and musky, a perfect combination for winter. 

The Christmas Penguin - Ah, the other cone shaped counterpart. I've always found the scent to smell super soapy. Turns out, it's made with bergamot oil, orange flower absolute and Sicilian lemon oil.

The Melting Snowman – To me, this smells like a combination of almonds, cinnamon and biscuits. Seriously, a super foody product. I actually want to eat it! Mmm! It's actually made with cinnamon leaf oil, clove leaf oil, sweet orange oil and patchouli oil. 

Yog Nog – Now for the hidden gem of Lush 2014. I didn’t expect to pick this up at all, not really acknowledging it before I went there, but then I smelt it. OMG, its seriously so good, like a caramel cream smell. The soap is super soft and moisturising too. It contains soya yogurt, clove bud oil, ylang ylang oil and nutmeg powder. I think I’m gonna have to stash up on these!

Holly Golightly! – This is Christmas! The scent reminds me of cinnamon, but also Christmas trees. Turns out, it contains patchouli oil, Persian lime oil, clove oil and sweet orange oil. Full on Christmas, not to mention how insanely beautiful the colour is inside!!

Drummers drumming –I’m not sure how I’d describe this, but it’s the typical sweet LUSH smell that I adore, mixed with strawberry! Not sweet in the way of snow fairy, but more of a sugary caramel sweet. Looks like it contains olibanum oil, geranium oil and bergamot oil. It smells lovely, plus, it's also a musical instrument too. Welcome to the bath orchestra!

Magic wand – As if I need to explain this cult classic. It smells like lovely Snow Fairy. Just swish it around in the bath to create sweet bubbles.

 Dashing Santa – Ahh, this bath bomb looks like me rushing around the LUSH store on release day! It smells sweet, but also pretty warm. It contains bergamot oil and mandarin oil. It's a very different kind of bath bomb.

Cinders – Do I even need to explain this one?! Gorgeous cherry bake well scent, that even I, a cherry hater, absolutely adore. It contains almond essential oil, cinnamon leaf oil, sweet orange oil and, wait for it....POPPING CANDY! Can this get any better?!

Shoot for the stars! – Another bath bomb that smells like the LUSH sweet scent that’s not like snow fairy. It contains Brazilian orange oil and bergamot oil. This is the only bath bomb that I've demoed so far on instagram, and I’m completely obsessed with it. It leaves your water a deep shade of indigo that's absolutely full of glitter. Definitely gonna restock on these!

Golden wonder – I’ve been waiting nearly a year to try this beauty. It smells super Citrusy and contains lime oil and sweet orange oil. It's hollow on the inside, making a noise when you shake it, not to mention that it's glitter galore!

Lord of misrule – Now, mine is super crumbly and leaving powder everywhere. I blame myself for walking around Cardiff with it for about 5 hours. The casualties that this bath bomb has suffered. It smells kinda musky, containing patchouli oil, black pepper oil and vanilla absolute. 

Butterbear - Oh no, another injury! My poor Butterbear has taken a casualty, missing an ear. Nevertheless, he smells just like the lovely butterball, but is even cuter, containing cocoa butter, ylang ylang oil and cocoa powder. 

Luxury LUSH Pud - Perhaps my favourite bath bomb from the Christmas range each year. Again, it has that sweet scent that I just adore, containing lavender oil, tonka absolute, benzoin resinoid and ylang ylang oil, not to mention, it's just so spectacular when you use it. 

So white – What a gorgeous apple scent. A classic that smells la la lovely, with a special twist this year; keep reading to see what it is! It also surprisingly contains orange flower absolute, bergamot oil, rose absolute and neroli oil. 

Sparkler – How cool is this?! I've never seen a stick shaped bath bomb before. The scent reminds me of Rose Jam, one of my favourite LUSH scents. Turns out, it contains rose oil, Sicilian lemon oil, Egyptian geranium oil and POPPING CANDY! Seriously, LUSH Christmas 2014 is just so exciting. 

Northern lights – I'm finding it hard to put a smell to this because it seriously smells just like a LUSH shop, a combination of scents! It contains jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil. Supposedly, this looks beautiful when used. I can't wait to see! 

Father Christmas! – Now, here's when I had a shock. Now, I used this bath bomb a few weeks back from my Christmas 2013 stash. I seriously didn't know that it smells like Snow Fairy! I wasn’t expecting that at all!

Snowman FUN – Now, I haven’t smelt this yet, seeing as its in the wrapper, but in the shop, I'm certain that it smelled of carrots. How creative is that?! It's made with buchu oil, Sicilian lemon oil and bergamot oil. I can't wait to make my little snowman!

And, last, but not least, my LUSH Christmas Shower gels. 

 Rose Jam – The best shower gel scent, and nope, I'm not biased! Despite the name, its not a floral scent! I think it’s a berry scent with a small hint of citrus! 

Snow Fairy – Probably the most popular Lush scent! It smells super sweet like candy

So White – YES! A shower gel of this! Can you believe it?! Lovely lovely freshly cut apple scent!

And that's it. Congratulations for making it this far into the post!

So, question of the post! Have you made your LUSH seasonal haul yet? What did you pick up? If not, what do you want to try now after reading this?

As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love


  1. I really wanna try smell fairy. So many people rave about it! xx

    1. I do like it, but it just doesn't compare to Rose Jam! I think I avoided it for a while because I assumed it smelled like roses, but it just smells like lovely berries! If you love magic wand, then you'll love Snow Fairy! Plus, you've gotta check out So White too! SOOOOO YUMMY!

      Thanks for reading lovely! xoxo

  2. I'm not a Lush fan myself, but I have to say that this stuff looks so cute! Next time I'm by Lush, I'll have to stop in :)

    Sam //

    1. Awrr yes, a LUSH convert! The stuff in LUSH at christmas is just so fab, you have to check it all out, especially Shoot For The Stars & YogNog!

      Thanks for reading lovely! xoxo

  3. I can't get over how cute the hedgehog and butter bear are! x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam // Pretty Honest Giveaway

    1. I know right?! I haven't gained the courage yet to cut up the hedgehog bubble bar, it's way too cute! Plus, the butter bear smells so lovely too! Curse LUSH for making their products way too cute to handle! xoxo

  4. What an amazing haul! The butter bear is definitely on my shopping list,

    Thanks for sharing lovely,

    X Emma |

    1. Awrr, glad you enjoyed reading lovely! I still haven't tried the butter bear yet! Judging myself! My favourite from the bunch so far though is Shoot For The Stars! xoxo