Sunday, 28 September 2014

My First Liebster Award!

Wowzas! I've been nominated for a Liebster award by Jo of the blog, Caledonian Kitty. You can find her on twitter @CaledonianKitty! Thanks so much lovely! 

So, as you probably know by now, when you are nominated for a Liebster, you are given a set of 11 questions to answer by the person who nominated you. You also must include 11 facts about yourself. After this, you nominate 11 blogs with under 500 followers and give them 11 questions to answer, hence, keeping the chain going. 

Okay, so here's 11 facts about me!

1) My full name is Jade Natasha Molumby, and no, my surname is not African! I know, it does sound it, but it's surprisingly Irish!

2) I live in Wales which is surprisingly not as rainy as everyone makes it out to be. However, 75% of the time, there's just a continuous white cloud over the sky. Seriously, it looks as if the sky is white.

3) I'm a Journalism student and I absolutely love it. 

4) I'm in denial over my nationality. I think I'd much rather be French, Australian or American.

5) I'm pretty much determined to visit California! If all goes to plan, I should be going there on holiday in 2016.

6) My favourite food is Lasagna. That's right, I'm that kind of girl! 

7) I can't really say that I have an eye colour. It's like they're a combination of gold, green, brown yellow, hazel, amber, yet they have a black and blue limbal ring. 

8) I'm not cool, by any means! I'd rather stay in and watch Lord of the Rings or Star Wars with a ton of food instead of going out to town. WHY AM I SO FUN?!?!

9) My favourite colour is yellow, specifically, a yellow like FFD000!

10) I love to cook. I'm pretty fearless in the kitchen. Just call me Nigella! 

11) I want to start making YouTube videos to go with my posts. I have everything ready to film, except the guts! I'm currently in the process of decorating at the moment too, so we'll see how it goes from there. 

Okay, and now here's my answers to Jo's questions:

1) What's your Fave perfume at the moment?

Recently, I've fallen back in love with Chloé. The first time I bought this was on my way to Paris, so every time I smell it, that's all I can think of! Did I mention that Paris is my favourite place I've been to?! 

2) What is your Fave Book?

Oh God, I may have an A-Level in English Literature, but I'm not much of a reader. Don't get me wrong, I read news articles for hours each day, but I rarely read books. Despite all this, I'd have to say that my favourite book is A Thousand Splendid Suns, a book that even I couldn't stop reading. 

3) What was the last movie you watched?

The Sixth Sense. Praise Film4!

4) What is your idea of the perfect Autumn/Winter Drink?

Mmm, definitely a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks, or a White hot chocolate from Costa. I can't remember what sauce they include, but I think it's Cherry. Either way, it tastes so good!

5) What is no 1 on your Christmas wish list for this year? (Bet I've got you thinking now lol : )

Honestly, I have no clue right now. The only thing that I'm wanting right now is the majority of items from the Lush Halloween and Christmas range, but I'm planning to get that on release day. Wait, scrap that, a Clarasonic cleanser.

6) What is your Fave Christmas Movie?

See, I was talking about this with my friend the other day. I'm appalling when it comes to Christmas movies. I'm a sucker for Christmas songs, but movies, not so much! I'll take the easy route and say Four Christmases! 

7) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

On a beach in California, without a doubt! 

8) Have you ever been on a Blogger meet up? if yes, did you enjoy it? 

Not yet! I'm all new to the blogging world. Hopefully I will in the future! 

9) Do you believe in Ghosts/The paranormal? 

Best question after watching The Sixth Sense! I'm not sure, I'm torn. I'd say I'm leaning more towards yes though. 

10) Have you met a celebrity in real life? if yes, who was it?

Well, back when Leon, the winner of the X Factor, was big, I met him in a local pub with my friend Jack. We got him to sign paper plates for us and he stole my friends glow stick! Yeah, not the best celebrity moments!

11) Where is your Fave place to go Shopping? 

Ooh! It depends! I do love my frequent shops around Cardiff for when I actually need things! It's like all the benefits of a capital city, but in a nice small space. Then again, I adore just spending time shopping in Bath! Definitely my favourite place in the UK. 

Okay, now for my 11 blogs! I Nominate:

Okay, here are your 11 questions guys!

1) What's your favourite colour?

2) Favourite TV series at the moment?

3) Winter's nearly here! What are you most excited about?

4) What's your all time favourite perfume?

5) Favourite place to buy beauty products?

6) Foundation; Liquid, powder, cream, other?

7) Are you one of those gifted individuals that can create flicks with liquid eyeliner?

8) Shower or Bath?

9) Last song that you listened to?

10) All time favourite foundation?

11) Favourite YouTube beauty guru? 

Have fun guys!

Thanks for reading this lovely face & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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