Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lush Kitchen Haul

Hey hey lovely people!  Now, you all know I'm beyond obsessed with LUSH. Despite this, it took me nearly a year to FINALLY order something from the LUSH website! Why you may ask? Well, to put it simply, I'm a cheapskate, and it takes a really good product to get me to pay nearly £4 for delivery charges. 

So, by that, you should've already guessed that I found a fab product in the LUSH kitchen that was worth the delivery. Of course, I wasn't gonna pay four pound just for one thing, so behold, my collective LUSH haul! 

Now, every LUSH order comes with a catalogue. Not to be rude, but I just find it a bit of a waste of paper, after all, you've just ordered online where you can see all the product descriptions. At least limit it to one edition per customer. I've got 4 of these now just sitting around my bedroom! 

Oh hot damn! Look at all those packing peanuts! Seriously, wise move there LUSH. Sure, they're annoying and go all over the place when your fishing for your products, but they protect your products like no other. Nothing was damaged. So fab! 

So here's the contents of my delivery after removing hundreds of packing peanuts! #Spoilers

First up, we have a refill for my LUSH collection as I was running low. The Comforter is a big bubble bar, just like Brightside and Blue Skies & White Fluffy Clouds. It smells lovely and sweet, but also pretty soothing. It creates lovely candy pink water and tons of bubbles. Plus, since it's so big, you can use it a lot times. I usually cut mine into 6 pieces. You can see how I cut my bubble bars here!

Next up is Dorothy bubble bar. First question I ask, WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO USE THIS?! Look at how pretty it is. I'd say that Dorothy is around the same size as Sunnyside. I cut it into four pieces, also cutting up the rainbow equally too. So far, I've only used this in a bath cocktail, which you can see here on my Instagram.

An oldie but goldie that I've never used; Butterball. I'll be honest, I struck this off as a pointless bomb, until I discovered that there are chunks of Shea Butter in it! What?! WHAT?! I haven't used this small but mighty bomb yet, but there will most definitely be a video review on my Instagram. 

Awrr, look how cute it is! Ickle bot, which for some reason, I've always called Ickle Baby Bot. Now, I'll be honest, I only picked this up because it was pretty cheap. I believe that it's lavender scented, seeing as it's designed as a bedtime bath scent for children. In the words of Miss Trunchbull, 'Too good for children'!

Now for a favourite of mine, Spacegirl. This is one of LUSH's cheaper bombs, which I don't understand why because it's super fab! What I love about this is when you drop it in, the colours don't immediately blend, instead, they separate for quite a while, until the eventually fuse to make a Fuchsia. You can see my demo here.

How cool is this? I've never seen a dark face cleanser, so, naturally, I'm super excited to use this! This right here is Coalface cleanser. it's a solid bar which you use like a soap, but, of course, on the face. Now, I picked this up as apparently it's good for oily skin, so I'll have to see how this works. I haven't used this yet, but I've cut it into smaller pieces, because ain't nobody got time fo' melting products. 

Now look at these special products wrapped in their own separate bag. The VIP's; Very Important Products, if you will!

I was a very lucky individual and was able to pick up two Vanilla fountain bath bombs! Look at the cute little Polaroid that was sent with them. It's a cute little touch that makes you think a lot more about how much effort has gone into your product. 

So, as you can see, they're the exact same size as Phoenix Rising. In fact, they're made using the LUSH pots that your creams and cleansers come in! Cool, right? 

So, it's a creamy yellow colour with a vanilla pod stuck in the centre. It smells so divine. Seriously, I wish I picked up a few more of the vanilla scented products when they were making them. I haven't used one yet. Secretly, I want to keep them forever, but eventually I'll man up and use at least one! 

So that's all from this LUSH haul. A few days after I placed this order, I went and made another one. The Two Timing Tart bubble bar and Pooh Stix bath bomb were just too much to resist, so look out for that post soon.

So, my question of the post! What products would you like to see in the LUSH kitchen? I've only been a Lushie for just under a year, so I don't have a vast knowledge, but for me, it'd most definitely be Golden Egg, my favourite Lush bomb.

Thank you for reading lovely face & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love


  1. I literally love everything you bought! I really want to try Dorothy as I haven't tried that one and it looks soooooo pretty!!

    Beauty & The Bird | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

    1. I've become a LUSH kitchen predator now! Every Sunday, I have to check the Instagram page to see whats on the menu for the next week!! + You should try it! It smells very perfume-like! I have a theory that if you use that, along with Sunnyside, it'll make bubbly mermaid water! xoxo

    2. Ahhh sounds amazing - might try that! xx

  2. Oh I'm so jealous of this haul!? I don't tend to order online too often, but after reading this, it's got me so tempted to get a few things purchased.
    I can't use the bath products, but by the sounds of the smell, I really wish I could everything looks awesome!?

    Sarah xo || time to see the stars ||