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Degustabox Review - August 2014

Lovely people!!! It's been too long! One thing beneficial that has come out of this major hiatus is that I now have a regular sleeping pattern! You heard that right! So, as promised, here's my Degustabox review! 

Okay, so my package was delivered by a parcel service which I can't for the life of me remember, but I'm 95% certain it was Parcel Force. It arrived around the beginning of September, which I was surprised at, seeing as I thought I'd get it around halfway through the month. I can happily say that not one thing in the box was damaged!

So here's the contents of the box! Look at all that yumminess! 

Okay, so first we have these Croissants from Brioche Pasquier. Firstly, I need to say how impressed I was with the date on these. When I opened the box, I was initially filled with regret (mainly for my carbohydrate intake) at the thought of eating 8 croissants in a short time, until I saw that I had about 3 weeks to eat them all! Fab fab fab! I've used some already to make some cheese and mushroom croissants. In all honesty, they were pretty small, but fab enough to make a big snack, little lunch, or to eat more than one. Regardless of their size, they tasted delicieux! 

Next up is the Pains Au Lait, also from Brioche Pasquier. Again, like the croissants, there were eight in the bag, expiring on the same date as the croissants. I used two of these when making my cheese and mushroom croissants and I'll be honest, they made a fab change from having a lot of sweet bread. Now, they were nice, but I wouldn't re-purchase, purely because it's not something I'm really into. I'm not much of a bread person. 

Wowza! Mexican Dave, where are you?! I need to meet you!! These tortilla chips were super duper fab, so much so that I may or may not have ate the whole bag in two servings (Don't worry, I'm judging myself, and it's likely that my orthodontist is too). I adore tortilla chips so much, but seriously, these were probably the best ones I've ever tasted! That's right, they went above the Dorito bar! I wouldn't say they were lightly salted, they were nice and salty. I'm pretty poor at explaining tastes, but seriously, GO AND TRY THESE! Well, that's if you can find any after I've bought them all! 

Is this real life, or are these edible cases I see?! How is this real?! I haven't used these yet, but I can't wait to! They're pretty thick wafer cases, which I'm guessing would work the same as just using a wafer ice cream cone. The bad point is that there are only 6 in the pack. I'm sorry but cakes should always be made in dozens. It's in the unwritten code of food lovers! Now, I think these cases are cool and clever, but I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to pick these up when I can use ice cream cones to do the same job, for a much cheaper price. Either way, I'll probably post a full review when I use them. 

Next up we have Schwartz' flavour shots in Spanish Smoked Paprika Chicken and Mexican Fajitas. I'm so so so excited to use these! Anybody who knows me will know that I'm obsessed with seasoning food. I have a shelf full of random herbs and spices, which is why I'm excited, but also sceptical about using these. I mean, it seems to easy, plus 99% of the time when I use pre-mixed flavourings, they taste nothing like they should! (I'm talking about you Maggi!). Expect an IG post when I use them!

Now for the cutest part of the box, this lovely little Lindt tin! This lovely little thing contains 10 Lindt chocolate hearts, wrapped in cute pink foil. Even if you're not a big chocolate lover, these would be super cute to give as part of a gift to someone. They're plain Lindt chocolate, but don't underestimate them, they're yummy in their own right! Plus, #bblogger alert! Think of all the cute things that can be stored in that box! We shall never lose our hair clips ever again! 

Next up is a product from Berry White Organic Drinks! In my box, I received the Pomegranate & Blueberry drink, with white tea. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm betting that it's gonna taste delicious. It's a cute little drink that appears to be a nice natural alternative to other drinks. Plus, look at the posh glass bottle! Ooh, fancy! 

Okay, while I'm writing this, the advertisement for Caribbean Twist is actually on Spotify! Coincidental? I think not! Back to the post! So I'm not into alcohol! Seriously, I think it tastes vile, as if someone put window cleaner in a perfectly good drink (did I mention I'm a super taster? Wahey!), so naturally, I tend to stay away. But then, this was sent in my box. Now, the alcoholic drink which I think is the least terrible is actually a Daiquiri, so brownie points to whoever put this flavour in my box. I haven't tried this yet, but seeing as the percentage is pretty low, it should hopefully taste semi-good! Wish me luck! #SoberLife

Now for something I'm more likely to drink than alcohol ,(Clearly I'm the poster girl for student life!) Apple and Pear blend. So this is a juicy water with 60% pressed fruit. I'm drinking this right now and it's lovely! In all honesty, I wouldn't have noticed that it wasn't actually a full juice. Now, if I ever saw this in Boots when I was in a rush, I would probably pick it up, but I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase this. 

And finally, we have our special fridge item! Oooh, fancy pants! Now, these are the MOMA! Bircher Muesli breakfast pots. I haven't picked these up yet, seeing as they're only available at Sainsbury's & Waitrose, neither of which I go to regularly, or live close to. My guess is that they'll taste yummy, I mean, look at the image on the card. 

So here's the list of all the items included, along with their RRP. In all honesty, the only items I would repurchase are the Mexican Dave's Tortilla chips, and possibly the Caribbean Twist and Schwartz mixes, after I've tried them. In all honesty, the rest were great products, but far overpriced in comparison to other items available. Although they are expensive, I will give credit for the healthy/natural initiative from all the products, like the juice press juice for example, only containing pressed fruit and water, or the French pastries for being fresh baked. Plus, it was super fun to try new items, which is really what the Degustabox is all about. 

So what do you guys think? I LOVE surprise boxes, so I'm up for any suggestions for new ones. 

If you're interested in trying a Degustabox for yourself, then boy do I have good news for you! If you sign up by clicking the link here, you'll get £3 off your first Degustabox and I'll get points towards money off of mine! Look at that! Cute savings for both of us! Teamwork makes the dream work, right?! And when food's involved, the dream becomes so much yummier! 

So, I hope you enjoyed that! I've made two orders from the Lush Kitchen in the past fortnight, so expect to see some of those! I'll be posting a new bath bomb review tonight on my instagram, @jadenatashax, so look out for that!

As always, thanks for reading & I hope you have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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