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YSL Fusion Ink Foundation Review

Hey hey lovely faces! 

Well I have a super exciting post for all of you today. Look what I managed to get before its release. That's right, the new Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation!

So I picked this up while shopping a few days ago and HAD to give you all a review before its release tomorrow (Exclusively in Debenhams from August 10th, other retailers from August 20th). 

First off, let me tell you that I'm OBSESSED with this foundation. Never before have a had a 'looks like skin' foundation that actually looks like skin. Flashback to when I was being shade tested. The lovely lady at the YSL counter applied Fusion foundation to half of my face and I promise you, it looked as if someone had just airbrushed half of my face. The shade matched absolutely perfectly. I seriously cannot praise it enough. 

So first, let's talk about the packaging. 

So, like all other YSL products, it comes in a golden card box. Inside, you'll find your foundation and a manual which is actually pretty useful. This foundation has a unique applicator which is kinda strange to use, but relatively simple. The included guide gives guidelines as to how many 'stripes' of the product you should use in different areas of the face. 

The bottle is simple, yet chic, like other YSL foundations. The product is held in a frosted glass bottle with black rectangular details. The lid used reminds me of those at NARS, a twist cap with another detachable cap. attached to the inner cap is the unique applicator.

The applicator reminds me of a bubble wand! It's teardrop shaped with a hole in the middle. If you twist the applicator to the side, you can see that it's actually thicker at the bottom. 

The product itself is so unique, and believe me, I'm not just saying that. I physically cannot explain the texture to you. It's beyond smooth. It doesn't feel like foundation at all. I can't even compare it to  Chanel Vitalumiere aqua. Seriously, it's so much more lighter than that. It kinda gives you that warm feeling that something oil based would, but it doesn't feel oily at all. It's really does live up to its ink namesake, but seriously, it feels even lighter than ink. It's crazy! I highly recommend you pop in to your local Debenhams to test it out. 

YSL claim that Fusion foundation will last for 24 hours. Obviously I was sceptical about this, but after using this, I can see why. It's as if you wouldn't be able to rub it off because it doesn't feel like it's there. Seriously, after 1 minute, it feels as if it has melted into your skin. Your skin feels so smooth, yet it still looks like real skin. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?! Not to mention, it smells fab too!

Now, I'm unsure if I was just lucky, but this foundation matches my skin tone perfectly. My shade is Beige Doré 20. I think it's fab that they offer quite a good range for different skin shades and undertones, although, let's be honest, they should provide a better range for those with skin darker than BD65. 

Ignore my awkward, half painted background! Currently in the process of re-decorating!

So above is my before picture

And below is the after.

So what do you all think? I'm beyond obsessed with this. It may have taken over NARS Sheer Glow's place as my all time favourite foundation! I know right! 

If you've purchased this foundation already, you lucky ducky, let me know what you think.

If you're reading this on post day, Debenhams are giving away free 7 day foundation samples in the run up to release day, so go and check it out. What've you got to lose?!

If you're reading this after post day, you can find YSL Fusion Ink Foundation in Debenhams after 10th August, and other retailers after August 20th for £30.50

LITTLE BEAUTY TIP - Debenhams are currently giving away 1500 beauty points if you spend £50 at YSL. This means that you'll then have £15 in beauty points to use on all beauty departments in Debenhams (I usually get MAC brushes. Ain't nobody got time to spend £30+ on a brush!). I also believe that another offer is still currently available in store. If you open a beauty card in store on the day, you'll get 10% off your purchase. Not entirely sure if it's still running but it's worth a try.

So thank you so much for reading this lovely face! I hope I've given you a bit of insight into this new-age foundation #StillShocked. 

I hope you have a fab fab day!

Lots of love

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