Thursday, 14 August 2014

How I cut my Lush products

Hey hey lovely faces! So, as you already know by now, I am beyond obsessed with Lush. It's my must-stop-shop when I go shopping, with their bubble bars being one of my favourite products. 

Now, I've discovered that everybody uses their bubble bars in different ways; Some snap off a bit and crumble it under the water, others simply just let the water run over the entire block, using their desired amount. Quite frankly I find either very, shall I say messy! Trust me, if I snapped a piece off, I'd end up using my bubble bar twice, and don't even get me started on the goopy mess that would happen from keeping it in one piece. That is why I cut my bubble bars before I use them, and I'm gonna show you how to do this with minimal waste (Yay, thriftiness!) 

So, first things first (I'm the realest), you're gonna need a few supplies. I use kitchen paper to catch the crumbs left behind, plastic bags to store my bubble bar pieces, a knife to cut my bubble bars (I'm using a very sharp knife, but a butter knife should do the same job. REMEMBER, knives can be very sharp and dangerous, so seek the help of an adult if you need one), and finally, a hard surface to cut on. 

So, first up, we have a simple cut. Now, each cut depends on preference and size. Take Sunnyside for example. I prefer to cut mine into quarters, especially if I'm mixing it with another product, i.e, making mermaid water. But, compared to Brightside, I would cut this into many more pieces, ranging from five to eight pieces. Really, it's all about preference. 

Now, most bubble bars when cut will crumble slightly. KEEP THOSE CRUMBS, I'll show you how you can use them later. 

After you've cut each piece, put it into a plastic bag, tie it up and voila, It's ready to use. You can use other forms of storage, like I've seen people use jars, however I just find this a lot messier as the pieces can crumble so much more easily. 

Okay, so next up we have bubble bars that have a detail on them, like Wonder Woohoo, as shown above. Seeing as it's triangular, I cut it into three pieces. Now, I find it pretty awkward cutting up little details, I mean, ain't nobody got time fo' dat precision! That's why I keep these in another bag for when I want to use those. It's pretty easy to get them off, depending on which bubble bar it is. Simply pry off the star with the flat side of the knife to get it off. You can do the same with other bars, like creamy candy. 

Next up is the 'destroyed' bubble bar, poor mumkin! But do not fear, all is not lost. Just take the two details (the green leaf and white stalk) and put them with the other details you've collected. After that, cut your mumkin up and bag the pieces. Then, collect those crumbs and put them into a separate bag.  

And this is where your crumbs actually become useful. After cutting each bar, put the crumbs into a separate bag. Look how fab this looks! Note how it's mainly orange. Yeah, I'm pretty obsessed with Brightside! With all the crumbs you've collected, you create your own unique combo, which you can use just like a regular bubble bar. Fab! 

Okay, next isn't really a common thing, but this is how I cut my lush soaps. Now, I'm not really a solid soap lover, mainly because of how gloopy they can get if they left out (That kinda wet soapy goo that forms underneath it, eww eww eww!). Have no fear, for I have discovered the solution, cutting your soaps into individual pieces. Now, I cut my soap into rows that are about an inch wide and about a centimetre tall, but, again, this is all to your preference. After that, I begin to slice them into smaller pieces, like shown above. Some soaps can be a bit harder, so I would recommend using a sharper knife for this. 

And voila, you end up with little tiny soap rectangles. Now, each time you use soap, no more gross, gloopy soap residue! 

So that's it for cutting my Lush products. I didn't include how to cut bath bombs because that's something I do not do, however, it can be useful for certain ones. 

I'm going to follow this post with 'How I store my Lush products' so look out for that!


What's your favourite Lush bubble bar?

Thanks for reading my post lovely face! I hope you have a fab fab fab day! 

Lots of Love


  1. This is such a useful post! I kind of attempt the break a bit off at a time way of using my bath bombs but this seems like a much more sensible option! I love that you've even thought of how to use the crumbs so there's no waste! I'll definitely be trying your method after my next bath bomb purchase! Alice xx

    1. Awrr thanks lovely! The thought of breaking a bit off is too messy for me! I'd end up using half of the bar! Plus, I'm far too lazy to keep my hand under the tap, waiting for it to melt! Ever since my cousin used a whole Brightside for one bath, I felt this post was kinda necessary! 😂 + I'm looking forward to using my bag of crumbs! I think i'll wait until the Halloween and Christmas range are in, so it can have a bit more of a range! I'm beyond excited! + Let me know how it goes! xoxo