Thursday, 21 August 2014

Coal Harbour Haul 2.0

Hey hey lovely faces! I'm back with another Coal Harbour haul. Seriously, I'm beyond obsessed! 

Coal Harbour give free shipping if you spend over £30, so I thought I'd be a fab fab daughter and place an order with my mum. So without further ado, here's everything. 

My order was pretty big, as shown by the size of the box it arrived in. Seriously, look at the comparison, bigger than Cara Delevigne's eyebrows! (Major eyebrow envy right here)

Extra special care was taken too to make sure the bath bombs wouldn't break on the way. 

Seriously, look at all the Styrofoam peanuts! I am currently drowning in a sea of packaging while writing this. No need to send help, I'm perfectly content here with my bath bombs! 

First we have Dream In Blue, a Coal Harbour's own brand product. It's actually a really big bath bomb, I'd say quite a bit bigger Lush's Granny Takes A Dip. It came wrapped in a cellophane type material. Unfortunately, it split at the joining edge, but there was no damage to the product itself. All of the topping spread to one side, but, again, this is most likely due to shipping. Besides, it's all gonna end up in the bath anyway. It smells like some kind of sherbet but cant remember which one for the life of me. Dream In Blue smells like it’d be a good post gym bath.

Next up is Ladybug Hug. First things first, how cute is this bath bomb?! This is looking to be a long drawer dweller for me, simply because it's so cute! I ordered two, one for me, one for mum. But seriously, it's beyond adorable. There's a lovely little ladybird sat on a green filling, encased in a white bath bomb. I’m predicting that the white shell will be a fast fizzer, with the green filling melting slowly! It smells kinda foody too! Fab fab fab!

Hawaii High is the most beautiful shade of blue, topped with yellow sugar sprinkles. Again, I ordered two of these, one for both of us. I'm predicting that the bath water will turn a beautiful shade of blue, perhaps a turquoise when the yellow inner melts. I cant really smell it too well from outside the packaging, but I think I can detect a hint of coconut, which would make perfect sense. Yum!

Force Of Nature is such a HUGE bath bomb. Just like Dream In Blue, it's a Coal harbour original. It arrived wrapped in a cellophane type material, which, again, split at the joining. Unfortunately, this one started to crumble a bit and spilled into the box. Not too much of a big deal though, there's still a hell of a lot left. It smells refreshing and morning-like. Kinda floral, probably because there's a lot of flowers in it, which is fab because it’s not one of those bath bombs that has flowers just as a topping. Great value for money.

Next up is All You Need Is Love. I ordered two of these, one for me and one for my mum. Look how cute it is! I think the little heart detail cut into the bath bomb is lovely, along with the blue glitter piping. I can smell it from outside the packaging, definitely strawberry. A lovely bath bomb that most people would enjoy.

This bath bomb is Cotton Candy. What a cute little design! It's simple but sweet, plus it smells so so so lovely, sweet and sugary, kinda like strawberry, but not overpowering. It looks like it would be very moisturising too, like very creamy. Plus, it feels like it’d be fluffy and light when used, like candy floss.

Knickerbocker Glory seriously looks good enough to eat. Hundreds and thousands cover the top of the whoopee. It looks like it has a fast fizzing white bomb with a bright blue filling. It smells sweet but also fruity. Yum! Legit, I cannot wait to use this bomb, it looks so so fab. 

Fresh Berry smells so so so lovely. It must have raspberry in it cause I’m already obsessed with the fragrance. It reminds me of an ice cream because the filling is ice cream coloured and shaped like whippy. The whippy-like centre is encased in a pink shell, which looks like it'd be fast fizzing. I already own one of these, so mum bought this. I'm predicting shes gonna love it as much as I do! 

Isn't this the cutest bath bomb you ever did see. May I present Cherry Bathe-Well. It has so much detail that it looks almost like a real desert. I've never seen any bomb like this before. So so cute. It's a white bath bomb topped with some kind of icing substitute which I think will slowly melt in the bath water. Then, the icing is topped with sprinkles and a cherry, which I would love to know what it’s made from. This bath bomb isn't for me because I'm not a big cherry fan, however, I've ordered one that's just as cute that you'll see soon. 

GLAMOUR, yaaaaaaass, slay! Okay, back to the review. May I present, Bright Lights, Big City, the most fabulous bath bomb of all time! It's a white bomb with a juicy pink filling, topped with tons of sequins. They were definitely generous with the sequins because I cannot see any white gaps. It smells very relaxing, but also fresh. Fabby fab!

Now for a familiar product, Hypnobath. This is a part of Mums order, but I've already purchased  this before. It looks simple, but elegant. It also has a strong perfumey scent that smells very floral. Still la la lovely. 

Now for my favourite bath bomb from this order, Angel Delight, a Coal Harbour original. I haven’t even used this yet, but I’m already obsessed!!! Smells like heaven (no pun intended). I need to repurchase like 10 of these. I'm most probably gonna use this bath bomb first, so look out for a video on my Instagram. Seriously though, it smells so so good. It's a predominantly blue bomb with white bits too. So obsessed!

This here is one of Mum's bath bombs, Flutter by, Butterfly. It's a green bath bomb with a juicy pink filling, topped with a butterfly and sprouting leaf. It smells sweet but definitely has cherry, which I'm not the biggest fan of, but even I have to admit that this bath bomb smells as lovely as it looks!

Another from Mum's collection, Hypno-therapy soap to match her hypnobath. It looks fab fab fab, this coming from someone who's not a big fan of block soaps. It's a raspberry pink with a lighter pink swirl and chunks of blackberry coloured soap. It smells fruity, but also has hints of  incense –like, almost cinnamony. Yum!

Here we have the fab Appleby Fayre soap. It doesn’t look too much like the image on the website, but it looks so much better. The website pic has a predominantly purple pic whereas ours is mainly a goldish pink colour. It smells like apple and cinnamon. Seriously, it's the most beautiful little soap ever, down to the whippy and 99! I'm glad that I didn't buy this because it looks too good to use! From what I can see, it appears to be very creamy and moisturising, and would last a very long time.

Finally, we have Bottled Sunshine Milk Bath. I’m obsessed with fragrances that smell sunny, summery, or happy, so naturally, I had to pick this up. It's a little packet so not sure whether its value for money, but It smells so yummy. It smells sweet but also slightly citrusy! From what I can tell, it looks like it’d be very creamy in the bath, plus it has little yellow flower petals. What a cute detail! So excited to use this. 

And that's it for Coal Harbour haul 2.0. I must admit, my third order arrived today, so expect another post pretty soon, featuring their two new additions from Bomb Cosmetics. 

 In the comments below, let me know which one of these products you want to try the most.

You're all super fab! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a la la lovely day!

Lots of love 


  1. These all look amazing! I love the 'Ladybug Hug' one and the 'Cherry Bathe' bath bomb because they look absolutely adorable so I would like to try those the most! I actually love everything you bought so I think I'll have to check the website out! They would make perfect Christmas presents! Alice xx

    1. Coal Harbour is my new addiction! I think i've placed three orders in the past month, but it's so worth it! I think they still have a sale on right now as well! Some of the bath bombs are so cute, but my favourite from their is the simple 'Angel Delight'. When they're back in stock, i'm so gonna stock up! + That's what my mum does when she makes gift baskets for friends! Only problem is that they're too cute to use! 😂 xoxo