Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mini-review : Lush's Golden Egg bath bomb

Hello lovelies!

So originally I wasn't going to blog about this, but I was so impressed that I had to. In all honesty, it was, *Cue Kanye West* one of my favourite baths of all time.

Now, Im really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but Jade had one of the best baths of all time. One of the best baths of all time!

I'm a pretty recent lushie, ever since my friend Dayna introduced me to the cosmetic heaven last November. I know, feel free to judge that I bought my first Lush product at the ripe old age of 18. The first product I ever bought from there was a Sunnyside bubble bar, which made an appearance in this majestic bath 

Back to the story. So recently, Lush brought out their easter range, which as of now i'm obsessed with. Seriously, I am actually obsessed. Every Wednesday I make my trip around Cardiff with Lush being my very first stop. This Wednesday I picked up a sought after item, which stupidly enough, I forgot to pick up when I went to Lush in Bath the week before. Of course, I picked up the Golden Egg.

Golden Egg is the most magnificent bath bomb that i've ever seen. After picking it up, I was left with glitter all over my hands, and somehow, my face. I had to purchase it.

Now fast forward to bath time. I wasn't satisfied with just an egg full of golden wonder. Oh no, I wanted to up the ante, do what no other blogger had done before. Okay, maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but still, this was going to be a bath of epic proportions.

So I filled up my bath tub, got in, and prepared to unleash a bomb of golden glitter.

This is what happened.

Wow, Look, Filters! Just call me Spielberg

Golden Egg is now one of my favourite bath bombs at lush. It seemed to be a mixture of different types of bath bombs, in that the outer layer was mainly soft and slow to dissolve, almost like a bubble bar, but the inside contained random faster fizzing areas that were more like the traditional bath bombs.

But why did I love Golden Egg so much? Because it is the best smelling bath bomb ever.

I can only describe it as smelly sweet and buttery, in the same way that Prada Candy smells. It's a warm scent that's kinda like fudge. According to the lush website, it uses Sweet wild Orange oil, but I didn't find it remotely citrusy.

And now, for the criticisms. The colour wasn't that great. It kinda had a green tinge, making it not really that golden. Again, I would have to criticise the speed of it fizzing, although this is personal preference. I typically like medium to fast fizzers, whereas golden egg wasn't much of a fizzer at all, more of a gentle melt.

Afterwards, I added some sunnyside bubble bar to my bath to add to Goldenfest 2014. Needless to say, it was a great pairing.

So here's what my bath looked like in the end. I apologise for the poor filter, it was the only way to show the glitter whilst still looking somewhat gold.

Despite the slow fizzing and slight green tinge, Golden Egg in my opinion, is one of Lush's best bath bombs (10 points for alliteration?). Now i'm off to stock up on these before they stop selling them.


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